Monday, July 30, 2007

Odds and Ends

Just some wire reports on various aspects of life.

Well, I finally got my Nebraska Provisional Teaching Certificate last week. That's one less thing to worry about for the time being. Of course, now I have to find out how to fulfill the Human Relations Training requirement, so I can get a Permanent Certificate. This one will last me two years.

I also found out today that I no longer have access to my CPS email account. I have officially been expunged from the roll of teachers with electronic privileges. But I better get a check on Wednesday!

My parents finally rolled into their casa at about 10:15 Eastern time last night. That makes for a long day of traveling. The Monkey and I empathize.

Round two of the Parental Visit Extravanganza 2007 begins on Friday, August 10. That will make it hard to get out to see Centro-matic that Saturday, but I am going to try.

It was an accident. Two semis sent each other squealing sideways across both sides of the interstate, shutting down east- and west-bound lanes until nearly 3 pm Sunday.

Shark Week began last night. I'm sure you recall my criticism of it last year. My comments still stand, but, I will watch. I love it. I won't begin to discuss my horror and disappointment at the state of the fiasco in cycling that this year's Tour de France has revealed. It's a debacle.

Cal and Tony inducted into the Hall of Fame together. I should've been there!

End transmission.

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Anonymous said...

All right! It's gotta feel nice to be... provisional. I have a good feeling that you can move up to permanent.

Thanks for the closure about the parents' safe return trip and the cause for the pre-flight drama. That's some kind of crazy accident.

Wow, you linked to your own previous post?! On the pragmatic level it makes some sense. I guess it also fits with that narcissism theme you got going sometimes. Interesting. You could go all kinds of nonlinear, circular, and self-referential with your blogging, and that has the potential to be puzzling even to the most loyal and anonnest of readers. Kind of like time travel, another fav topic of yours.

These are some strange loopy thoughts I'm having, indeed. I wish I could say that the cause is something racy or fun. I think I'm burned out on researching baby swings.

Too much excitement here. Back to you.

Anon AMVB, she be the anonnest of all