Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Pop in the Sack

The clever among may have already noticed that things are not as they used to be here at Central Standard. It's time for a change. Plus, Blogger is popping out all these neat little gadgets that one can only use if one has a new-fangled template, so, again, it's time for a change.

Please note the sad demise of the "Dramatis Personae." That may return, but it was in need of an overhaul. The list of characters was growing and I was not adding them on. Shame on me. For now, those of you who need a score card will just have to make your own. Check this out for tips on creating one's own home-made scorecard.

Also note that we've added some decorative elements, as well as a few new and improved links and such.

Now, on to the matter at hand. I was lying in bed last night, tossing and turning, when an idea for a great post struck me; however, just as with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, I was interrupted during the composition of my work. (In the spirit of full disclosure, the following differences between my story and Coleridge's can be noted; to wit: a) I was not actually writing anything...I was more in the pre-pre-writing was dark, and I was in bed...I had no paper or pen, no laptop, no quill and scroll, no etch-a-sketch, nor even that grayish plastic with the dark wax under it that makes the writing magically disappear when you pull the plastic off of the wax; b) I was not in the throes of an opium hallucination...I was not in the throes of any hallucination, at all...I don't think...I did have a beer with dinner; c) I was not interrupted by a knock at the door, I was interrupted by (cue Metallica riff) the entrance of the sandman. Now that we have that straight....) I can't really recall the gist of the idea I had, except that it had something to do with the fact that Monkey and I are firmly entrenched in a "pop" and "sack" area. Yeah, you all know what I'm talking about.

Well, for those of you who don't: Up here they are surely in the habit of calling any carbonated beverage "pop." And, they offer to put your purchases in a "sack." And, they sure don't say, "Sure don't," as far as I can tell at this early point in my research.

Also, when I am putting my street on, saying things like, "E'rbody better watch out in her, 'cause I sure don't want y'all to get upset when I start Vince Carterin' all up in her," they look at me like they can't understand a word I am saying. They also look at me like they think that there is no possible way I could even begin to "start Vince Carterin' all up in her." And, of course, they would be right. (Again, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have never said anything remotely like what I just typed, for several reasons: a) I am not that talented a ball player that I can talk smack to anyone but eight year olds (short eight year olds); b) that sort of talk is disrespectful to people who talk like that. It's akin to making fun of Asians by pulling your eyes half closed and yelling, "I rike-a flied lice, puh-rease!" Or maybe it's not, I don't know. But I like to make a habit of saying things before I have actually thought them through. That way, I always have something to say...and someone to talk to (or argue with, depending on how you see that particular reality).)

I feel like I am rambling big time, so I am going to cut it short. Jesus, maybe I was in an opium dream last night...maybe it still is last night. What's goin' on up in her?


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool new format dude! I was expecting maybe a Simpsons theme in line with all the hype for the movie. I know how trendy you are.

Speaking of, I loved what that Coleridge did with the Chaka Khan piece!

Also, way to bring the street and the regional colloquialisms! Very bold and flava-flava-ful. Exciting times!


Magdalene said...

Nice new look Mr Reda.
Having a day which might fit into your 'nader' category, although I'm not entirely sure I have thoroughly taken in all the definitions.
In any case, thanks for the entertaining wordology. I needed a smile. Hope you and Miss Monkey are settling in quite nicely to your new surroundings. Me, I'm just spending my days getting as big as a house, and I'm only halfway through!
BTW, Are you heading back to B-more for that 'R-word' (whispering- reunion)?

ATR said...


You're pregnant again? I have not been keeping up. Congratulations.

No, I am afraid I will not be acknowledging that 20 years have passed since then.... You?

Magdalene said...

I would love to go back and see what 20 years have wreaked on us all, but alas, the little bun in the oven (due around Dec. 19)will not allow me to travel around that time. That and the fact that my little 3 yr old will be starting nursery school in Sept and won't be able to get time off two weeks after the school year starts...Oh well..maybe next time.

So the question for today is- are you in Harry-Potter-mania-mode?

Jami said...

Hey Tony,

You still having no luck with the chair....I know once you find it, it will really tie the room together. I guess maybe you are waiting until that moment before you post pictures of the house? Still waiting to see some photos of the beautiful space you are now calling home. Hope you two are well. Kiss Ripkin for me.


comoprozac said...

I noticed the favorite band link. thanks for the tip on White Rabbits. Their Daytrotter session was excellent. You should check out the Architecture in Helsinki "Take Away Show".