Monday, July 02, 2007

Please, I'm Begging You, Vote

In my last post, a faithful reader criticized my use of the name LincTown to refer to the new city. With that in mind, I have decided to put the AKA of this fine midwest burg to a vote. Please announce your choice (in a semi-non-secret style) in the comments section. The choices are as follows (polls close when I decide to close them):

a) the 402
b) The Town Formerly Known as Lancaster
c) Flatland
d) Purgatorio
e) Cornopolis
f) Other (Please specify: _____________)

Lay it on me people. That means you, too, Boring Election!


Anonymous said...

Hm. This is a tough one. I think there should always be the option to change the name as you're just settling in there and your inspiration likely hasn't been fully experienced yet.

That said, I sort of like 402, but that applies to all of eastern NE rather than just Lincoln. So maybe. But given what I have found particularly distinctive about Lincoln, I would vote for something like "Land of The Sower" in reference to that unique figure on the dome of the state capital building. Some more witty name referencing said Sower perhaps.

I just googled and wikied, and I found this quote:

"Because of its somewhat phallic nature, the structure is most commonly nicknamed as The Penis of the Plains, although others use the less common The Tower of the Plains." There may be some good fodder here!

I love how your blog is all about the people, us readers, that you've decided to offer a vote!


Boring Election said...

Please remember, I only refuse to vote when the elections are BORING...but this one takes the cake. Unfortunately, I'm not full of great ideas.

Corn Town?
Linaska (for those to lazy to say the whole name)?

But, the 402 is good for yr gansta cred.

Monkey said...

I'm like the 402, although the range is problematical.

comoprozac said...

I like the idea of Cornopolis b/c it reminds me of "Cornholio". Also, "Penis of the Plains" really has a nice ring to it. I don't know about the 402. Too gangsta. What about a symbol representing TTFKAL?

In the end, I'll probably just vote for Nader and regret it for the next eight years.