Wednesday, July 25, 2007

North to Ceresco!

After two straight days of working on school-related things, I decided to take a morning off and do one of the things I love to do. I tossed the binocs and a map and guide book in the Penguin, along with a power bar and some Gatorade, and off I went to Jack Sinn Wildlife Management Area, twelve miles north of Lincoln and just south of the town of Ceresco. I missed the turn off for the WMA, since the sign is buried in saltgrass, so I got the opportunity to whip through Ceresco. It consists of a Mobil station, Jack's Automotive Shop, and a grain silo (how cliche).

I spun the Penguin around and made the turn on Little Salt Road (The guide book told me to turn east on "the gravel road one mile south of Ceresco." First, how hard would it be to change "the gravel road" to something more definitive, like Little Salt Road? There was a big ass road sign, so it's not like no one would know Little Salt Road when they got there. Second, how would one know they were one mile south of Ceresco if they were headed NORTH?! Let's just say that the guide book MUST be accompanied by a Delorme Atlas at all times.).

Anyway, the trip was okay, even if the gate on the "parking lot" (a patch of grass with a fence around it) was locked. The not-often traveled gravel roads afforded plenty of time for me to sit and scope the land. Plus, I found a different parking lot along the same road--but WEST of the highway--stupid guide book. It was nice to get out and see some more of this flat, flat country. And, I got to see a few new birds for Nebraska, and one new bird for the year--a yellow-billed cuckoo.

In other news, our CD player just broke. I'm thinking a docking station to replace it. We'll see what Monkey has to say about that. At any rate, What I am listening to right now is KZUM.


Jami said...

Guess what we're getting... a Meynard's...I may remember to give JLuc shit after all.

Anonymous said...

I say lose that guidebook, first of all.

Also, I liked the colorful descriptions of your encounters during your adventure.

Finally, what is the deal with your prep for school? Are you working on your own right now to prep? If so, when do you officially begin with the punching of the clock, or the ringing of the schoolbell, or whatever?

Great captcha word this go round: xwprwwvo.


ATR said...

Anon AMVB--

Baby, teachers don't concern themselves with "punching the clock." I guess, in a way, I am currently working for Lincoln Public Schools, but my salary (for July) is subsidized by Columbia.


Make sure when you talk to JLuc you pronounce it MAY-nerd's. She'll just love that.

Jami said...

Oh...don't you worry. It will ALWAYS be May-nerds to me!

On an unrelated note - I sure wish you were around so we could talk about Michael Vic. I pray he gets the maximum amount of jail time!!!!! I just do not get it. Why, in a country with a crap load of things to do for entertainment - more money than God would a person get their "rocks off" watching two dogs fight to the death. It is just beyond me and makes me see RED!

Oh yea - my word last time was PUNKD