Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Tag Sales

Monkey and I rose early this morning to hit a tag sale up in Havelock. Not much in the way of furniture (still looking for that one chair and a nightstand-type thang), but I picked up some implements of destruction (hoe, rake, pitchfork) for the low, low price of 4/$1. Shovels were not in abundance. They did have an awful lot of kitchenware and collectibles. I almost bought a really small kitchen grinder for $10., but it was so small, and I was trying not to buy anything we did not really need.

After that we cruised around the neighborhood looking at other cast-off sales, but to no avail. We breakfasted at the Enginehouse Cafe and ducked across the street to the Warehouse Liquidators store (Monkey said it scared her--I don't know why), then hit a few more yard sales. We came up empty.

This week has been pretty low key. I am trying to get the last details handled on my NE certification (the certification office is not being especially helpful, but there's plenty of time). In addition, I think we pretty much got rid of the last large quantities of moving detritus (i.e., boxes, packing paper, etc.). That makes me very happy.

No new concerts have been announced that I know of (unless you want to see the Ditty Bops, but I'm not going with you). My 'rents will be here the last weekend of July. Monkey's will be here two weeks after that. Stay tuned for those exciting updates!


Anonymous said...

Idaho? No, you da ho!

We too managed to refrain from buying things we didn't need at the glorious Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts this past weekend in State College, PA. We found nice things for other people though. We also ate strudel and Creamery ice cream daily! We saw friends and walked a lot around the town and also checked out all that has changed and all that hasn't on and around campus. And the weather was absolutely heavenly! Yay for quality time that doesn't involve buying unnecessary stuff!

And now it's back to the intense grind.


comoprozac said...

Moving to a new state is never any fun for teachers. Certification departments never move fast enough.
We too hit a garage sale this weekend. We bought a $1000 dining set for $200. It just needs a little TLC.
We've just started packing...