Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let's Get This Show on the Road (and) How Do I Not Know This Stuff?

Tomorrow, I will put summer behind me and begin preparing for the school year in earnest, as I meet my department head at school and begin the acclimation process a few weeks early. In some ways, I feel like I am right on schedule (the normal part of my personality). In other ways, I feel like I am already weeks behind (the unreasonable workaholic part of my personality). At any rate, I am looking forward to it. Of course, I am also bummed that summer is drawing to a close. Ah, the multiple dichotomies of the modern Central Standard existence.

Did anyone catch White Rabbits on Letterman on Thursday?

On a completely different note, let me introduce you to this . It is the blog of Jonathan Hodgman, the Daily Show correspondent and the PC character on those iMac commercials. He wrote a book last year (or two years ago), called The Areas of My Expertise, a completely made up book of facts. I have only read some of the book, but that which I have read is wonderful. His blog is quite as interesting. I just got hip to the blog and who Hodgman actually was. I mean, I knew him from the Daily Show and the commercials, and I knew Jonathan Hodgman was the author of a book, but I had little idea (actually: no idea) that they were the same person. Go fig.

My ankles are really itchy today. Chiggers?


Anonymous said...

Surely you realize that you are one of my life lines (tethers?) to mainstream culture. Of course, as cutting-edge as we are, said connection might be compared to a pair of tin cans connected by a string. Personally, I'm generally OK with that; much of mainstream culture isn't worth my time/energy/money. But it's good to know generally what's happening.

Wow, summer has really gone fast! Maybe your ankles are rebelling and want you to call out sick rather than beginning the year in earnest.

OK, I now go to sleep in earnest.


Jami said...


I missed the White Rabbits...seeing Harry Potter (alone) and totally forgot they were on David Letterman, despite the reminder phone call from my father that night. You did know that Greg (lead singer) was in a band with Joe for a few years called Catalina? Joe is of course a very big fan and got an advance copy of the record when they played at MoJo's this past spring. I have been kind of out of the loop regarding their success but apparently they are doing quite well.

With respect to the author of the The Area of My Expertise...this is definitely one of Joe' favorite books and loves all things connected with that guy...again, I was pretty much out of the loop on that one too. On our way to the Katfish Korner for some catfish and jalapeno hushpuppies, we listened to an interview with him on NPR about historical was hilarious. You should check it out. It aired last Saturday, July 14th if that helps.

Talk to you soon - Jami T.

ATR said...

I had no idea Greg was in Catalina. How cool. I also didn't know they played Mojo's this Spring. How lame of me to miss that.

Joe=Coolest Kid on the Block.

We can only aspire to his level of coolness/hipness.

He is like the Chuck Norris of coolness.

Thanks for the head's up on the interview.

comoprozac said...

Why the sudden fascination with the White Rabbits? (I'm always interested to hear how people stumble upon bands.)
I remember when John Stewart interviewed Hodgman in support of the book's release. I bought the book for my sister but have yet to read it myself. Thanks for the heads-up on the blog.

ATR said...

Well, they say you shouldn't beat a dead horse, but nobody ever said you couldn't beat White Rabbits like a dead horse.

I don't know. I stumbled on them at daytrotter, skipped over to their website, saw they were on Letterman. The CoMo connection is just another in a string of week-long connections that just keeps them bubbling to the surface...kind of like the rabbit in "Fatal Attraction."

BTW, Architecture in Helsinki's Take Away was awesome. Thanks for the rec.