Monday, July 23, 2007

How'd It Go Today?

Not bad. How about your day? How did it go? I feel like all I ever do is talk about myself and I never seem to inquire about how you are. What sort of a relationship is that? So, today, I am inquiring.

Okay, now that I have asked you about your day, and given you adequate time to respond, let me tell you that my day went well. It was a little overwhelming, what with all the keys and textbooks and curriculum-y kinds of things (but not too many), not to mention the people that I met and the confirmation that I will be teaching English 10. Aaaagh! (Ah, who knows, it might be fine. I'll just need to keep some deodorant and air freshener on hand (thanks for the tip Aunt James)).

I spent a little but of time today going over the syllabus for American Lit. There will be only two of us teaching it, so we will probably teach as much in common as our students allow. I also got a good deal of info on English 10. It's not a canned curriculum, but there are a few things that one MUST do. Honestly, since I am relatively new to English 10, the more they tell me I have to do, the better--the first year. After I get my sea legs--watch out!

After a little work at home on other school-related things (mostly reading and developing BIG QUESTIONS), I fiddled around with the the blog, here. Added a new music link to (a totally cool indy site). I also changed the "New Favorite Band Link" to "What I am Listening to (Right Now!)," so that you can purchase and listen to everything I have purchased or bummed/burned off of friends. Not that you have to, of course. I mean, I get no revenue from it whatsoever, but, you know, my earlier interest in your well-being notwithstanding, it's still really all about me.


Jami said...


I cannot wait to hear about your first day of school.'re teaching 10th graders huh? Did you just stumble across that information today? Yikes!!!! Keep me posted on the happenings at your new school - it will be so much fun to compare. I am sure they have a few things to teach us here in Kewpie Land.


Anonymous said...

Let me just begin by saying that I hope our child has a teacher like you. Many teachers like you, even. Not that there are many like you. But I want our child to have great teachers like you.

Do take in the magnitude of that compliment. It's completely true.

I too can't wait to hear about how things go as you begin teaching there. I'm sure you'll learn a lot. And they are very fortunate to have you.

How kind of you to reach through your blog to ask about me and my day! Ah, I do feel special. And inspired. Here's a bit about me in all it's wonderful ordinaryness.

My Day, by Anon AMVB:

I awoke in a field of dandelion. The walls of our bedroom are painted this aptly-named color. Very bold and vibrant! Awakening there is a wonderful feeling.

I had to go to the auto mechanic before work, as I'd had my Ac towed there on Sunday when she suddenly was unable to start. I was grateful to find that she had been safe the whole night in the mechanic's parking lot with her windows and sunroof open, for you see it was the battery that had died. Plus annual inspection. Plus new tires. Ch-ching. I will go pick her up tomorrow morning, and then we will be reunited and it feels so good.

Work was very busy. Has been for a few weeks now and will continue to be probably until I'm out for maternity leave. That I love being there makes it tolerable at its worst and a joy at its best. Busy productive love at work.

After work, we had our first home prenatal care visit with our midwife. She was also our first guest in our new home. You know, it's sweet and also very strange to have a care provider come to your home: What is the etiquette? Do you offer food? How long to chit chat? How might the dynamic be different than in an office setting? We figured it out well enough I suppose, and it was a very positive experience.

I sometimes catch myself getting anxious that I haven't yet done a, b, c or x, y, and z to prepare for the baby. But then I breathe and remind myself that all is perfect just as it is.

My day will likely end much as it has lately: Late. I must have those pregnancy euphoria hormones coursing through me, because I'm rarely tired and tend to be up late engaged in something.

The End.


comoprozac said...

Are you going to incorporate blogging into your teaching? I have some resources and ideas that might help. Have you ever tried a wiki?

Oh, and thanks for asking about my day. I dislocated my finger at the Trib tonight, but I played like a maniac after I taped it up with six band-aids.

comoprozac said...

White Rabbits on Letterman