Monday, August 07, 2006

All That and Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin

Be my sweet potato
Be my honey lamb
Dance around the campfire
Hang around a while
--Cracker, "Sweet Potato"

Spent the weekend celebrating Monkey and hanging out with folks. Friday we hit Chevy's for Happy Hour, with a cast of irregulars, some with proper Blog names, and some without. I will spare you the details. Fun had by all, of course.

Saturday, Monkey and I saw a matinee (since she didn't have to study all day) of The Night Listener. We enjoyed it (if I may speak for Monkey). I would recommend it. It's a kind of psychological thriller. Not an action packed type of flick, but it keeps you thinking.

After the movie, we went to a local "nice" restaurant for official couple recognition of the end of the Death March (see previous post). The food was good--we both had halibut (Carribean style), and the sweet potatoes au gratin were almost better than the fish!

Sunday, the weather went all Hell on us again--103, after three whole days under 100. We went to Favorite Berry's Main Squeeze's house for some grillin' and chillin'. Good food--turkey burgers with brie (nice), and some damn good potatoes.

A digression on the potato: given the choice of three things that I would have to eat exclusively for the rest of my life, I would probably choose tomatoes, potatoes, and thin-sliced pork chops. And I would probably not eat the pork chops all the time. Something about the potato (and I am thinking here mostly about your workaday russet-like potato, although, if the fine print allows it, I would try to slip in some sweet potatoes and such every now and then; you know, maybe a yam). When I was in my first bout of college, at Towson State University (now, just Towson University), I had this buddy in an acting class who would bring a potato (microwaved/baked) to rehearsal in a Tupperware container every night. And every night, I was one jealous SOB. There I was nibbling on some stale-ass Fritos I got out of the roach-infested vending machines in the basement of Fine Arts (which is a really beautiful building now after the renovations--but I digress in this digression), and he's enjoying the earthy, room tempature goodness of a cooked potato, and he was eating with his hands (well, and his mouth, of course).

But, did I ever bring my own potato to enjoy? No, I suffered for my art, and in subsequent scenes with this particular actor, I used my jealousy as an emotional touchstone. Oh, the wonders of the acting technique. A Moon for the Misbegotten over a potato--aaaaaand scene.

Anyway, good potatoes, good dinners. In between the eating and celebrating, it was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We watched a number of cartilaginous fishes chomping down some defrosted tuna pieces and a few arms and legs, too. I have to admit, I wish that the programs would steer a bit away from the sensational and stay more within the educational aspect, but I guess those days are gone. We miss you, Jacques Cousteau!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, if I had only three foods to eat for the rest of my life I think they might be tomatoes, mushrooms, pasta, and cheese - all varied types.

Yes, I *do* realize that I chose four foods! Sister loves to have options. Sister also loves food. Vegetarians should get one extra choice, I say.

Speaking of options, guess how many meatless dishes (appetizers, salads, and entrees) are on the menu at Applebee's? (I know, I know.... It wasn't a choice to eat there. I NEVER eat there.) And now I will never eat there again. You know why? Three! Three is the answer to both questions. Three items, all of them appetizers! Every salad had meat. It was cray. I ate more cheese than I would have liked. This finding gives even more umph to my prior feelings on Down With Applebee's!

Perhaps more later when I get home....


Anonymous said...

C'mon now!
Still love you 'though you cray,

Anonymous said...

Damn and shit. I know about Applebee's, sister! I was trying to be open to a family a) traveling and b) with a two-year-old who has many food allergies. Hmph, that's the last time I do something so ridiculous, going against all my food instincts and beliefs and reducing myself to eating there ever ever ever again. No veggie options, bad food, and wow the server was a total wrecky mess. I guess the positive is that I had a sampling of good old mainstream American "culture". No more of that for, like, ever from now on!