Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Knowledge is Power

Things you didn't know
Wouldn't change anything now.
--The Bottle Rockets, "Things You Didn't Know"

Ten Things I Didn't Know (That I Know Now)

10. The porcelain pitcher that accompanied a wash basin (pre-modern indoor plumbing) was known as (and is still known as) a ewer. Coincidently (which I am beginning to use more and more frequently in the sense of two incidents that occur in close temporal proximity, rather than two incidents that occur with no fatalistic influence whatsoever), after encountering this word in a crossword puzzle this weekend, I came across it while reading The Time Traveler's Wife. Past experience makes me suspect that I will see this word at least twice more in the near future.

9. Hotlinking in the "Comments" section does not work. Anon AMVB taught me that. Thanks, Fashionista!

8. Sore necks can last for at least three days. Ouch!

7. Some of the folks that produce TV shows do not do a great deal of dramaturgical research. A recent episode of a new weekly drama, using Civil War reenactors in a large part of the story, really blew some historical veracity involving "Bloody" Bill Quantrill and his final battle. Any Civil War reenactor worth his or her salt would have gotten it right. It's fanatically important to them.

6. The mangosteen will save the world. I don't know how, but it will, I just know it.

5. Yesterday's sunset was beautiful. The whole late afternoon was pleasant. Visited with Aunt James and friends for a little while, and my bike ride back home was great. Almost cool. Today feels almost early Fall-like. I'm sure the blistering heat will return, but for today--wonderful.

4. This is my last free Tuesday before the start of our contracted work days (they start on Thursday). The plan is to head up to school for a little while today, to get some more preliminary work done, but, you know how plans work with me.

3. Insects visited me in my dreams last night. It's not the first time that has happened, and I'm certain it will not be the last. Just so you know, they were pleasant dreams (and pleasant insects--we had coffee!).

2. Given recent trends (and a well-learned sports pessimism), the Cardinals will not make the playoffs this year. On an editorial note (which is redundant, I guess, since almost all of this is editorial, in a sense), such a result this season might be the best thing that could happen to the team. Many stalwarts have passed their point of true production, and the pitching has been flaky and unreliable this year. Some of the current young pitchers could work out great next year, but the line up (beside Pujols and Rolen) needs an overhaul.

1. Playing guitar is painful. Until the fingers toughen up (literally) those digits really wail. I'm just about over that, now. But I still sound pretty awful. Practice, practice, practice. There will be no public performances any time soon, if you're wondering.



Anonymous said...

10. That last post was so gross that it couldn't get any ewer. Also, that figurine of Rick White of the Illifith Phillies standing on your wash basin is quite an ewer (though I'm not sure his complexion is quite porcelain). There's some more ewer-lovin for you. (You never said it needed to be used *correctly*!)

9. Not only do I teach a brotha to html, but this also adds to the ample evidence that sister needs her own blog. Hotlinking is, well, hott ! and I needs to get me some of that.

8. $3. What exactly have you been doing to crick that nick?

7. Surely you already knew this. TV ≠ the paragon of accuracy, even if (or in some fair and balanced cases, when) you watch the so-called "news".

6. I vote for quinoa. Quinoa beats mangosteen every time.

5. Bring on the autumn! It's in the air here too. Yay!

4. And so countdown to chicken nugget day resumes soon. It's countdown to countdown of chicken nugget day!

3. Speaking of knowledge (knowledge of self), would you like an analytic interpretation of this?

2. Paint... drying... so... so... soooooo... slowly...

1. Work those fingerpad calluses!

Anon AMVB, she all about the knowledgepower

ATR said...

"Work those fingerpad calluses!"

$3 to you, Madame!