Thursday, August 24, 2006

On Injured Reserve

I rounded first
Never thought of the worst
As I studied the shortstop's position
Crack went my leg
Like the shell of an egg
Someone call a decent physician
--Jimmy Buffet, "Growing Older But Not Up"

Broken finger! Softball. And the right hand, too.

Left handed typing is too exasperating. Although I did do a whole crossword this afternoon with my left. That was taxing my patience.

Details later. How much later? Don't know. Give me a few days, at least.

Peace (and watch out for those bad hops at third).

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Anonymous said...

In softball as in beer, bad hops are never a good thing. Which finger? Does it have a splint/cast contraption of some kind? Let's see some action shots of your finger or other things if you can't type!

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. Let's get some mileage out of it though, shall we?

Some uses of the finger we take for granted:

Tying shoes
Writing on whiteboards
Pointing at chil'ns
Picking up chiken nuggets
Eating popcorn
Doing crosswords
Sneaking food into movie theaters
Playing softball

I'm sure you can provide more.

That is all for now, hoppy. Feel better soon, and don't bump your finger!

unowl and tkrat