Monday, June 08, 2009

Honing My Skills

After some reconsideration yesterday morning (" a lot of strands in the old Duder's head"), I went out front to revisit the scene of the basement flood's origin. Here's what caused me to reconsider my thinking of this case: it wasn't the south wall that was leaking, it was the west wall. So, the blowing wind wasn't a factor in the cause at all (I am really bad with directions, especially when I am underground, like in a basement).

And what did I find while out conducting my second investigation? I found that all of the down spouts on that side of the house had become disconnected. All the water from the gutters was pouring down the side of the house, insinuating itself between the foundation and the soil, and then seeping through the wall. With all the rain we had on Friday and Saturday night, it's a wonder the house didn't rise up on a sheet of water and float away.

And, so, with a bit of wet work, reconnecting down spouts and crawling through wet grass and bushes, it appears that I have solved that edition of CSI: Homeowners' case. How am I certain? Well, because for the third night in a row, Monkey and I were stirred by late night thunderstorms, and this morning, there is no new water in the basement!

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La Fashionista said...

You go, homeowner achiever! Way to solve that one - and save enough $ for Monkey to buy herself something nice. :)

We senseless-directioned folk need to give each other the love. Just because it took you a little bit to figure out west don't mean you can't rise up and take care of business once you got yourself oriented.

So glad you and the rest of your house didn't float away.