Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Short Jaunt Around the Lake

The weather was weird yesterday. Storms threatened all morning, and, while I did a little yard work, I was prepared to take shelter at any moment. I managed to trim some shrubs and turn the compost without any weather-related interruptions. It got to be around lunch time, so, after Monkey and I enjoyed a meal, we went down to the basement to watch the previous evening's Daily Show and Colbert Report. While so engaged, it rained.

However, as we climbed out of our basement, the sun began to shine. I quickly checked the weather to see that the storms were planning to take a hiatus until the late afternoon. I decided to take the opportunity to hit the trails on the bike.

A 12-ish mile round trip that took me mostly east (and back) was a challenge at first, due to a stiff post-storm head wind, but, after the first twenty minutes, I was pedaling across the wind, which is a much nicer proposition. My "mid-point" was Holmes Lake, a popular spot for fishing, jogging, picnicking, etc. I took a five-minute break to enjoy the scenery, snapped a few shots (including one of my soon-to-be-retired(?) workhorse), and was back on my way.

About an hour later, I was hopping off of my bike in the driveway, with cloudy skies above. Funny thing, never did rain again.

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AMVB said...

I miss biking in the midwest! Your pics make me nostalgic. This sounds like a great way to spend your day.