Friday, June 12, 2009

The Odds

As you know, Monkey and I do most of our live music consumption in Omaha. I have been intrigued by a few shows here in Lincoln (particularly a recent appearance by Wichita's Split Lip Rayfield), but I have only managed a few in the two years we have been here (for various reasons--several of which sound suspiciously like the rationalizations of an aging man). Usually, it's off to Omaha for out-of-town bands. Even still, we don't see everybody we want to in O-town. A couple of friends of ours in a COMO band, Malone, played Omaha on Memorial Day weekend, but we were in Minneapolis. That's how it goes.

But, this upcoming week sees a parade of national acts coming through Lincoln (well, two, actually). Cursive plays here on Wednesday next, followed by Deer Tick on Thursday. Monkey and I would definitely check these shows out. The problem? We are leaving for Baltimore on Wednesday morning. We'll be out of towners for both shows! This is the worst music predicament since a couple of years back, when Bobby Bare Jr and The Hold Steady both played in COMO on the same night, and Monkey and I were in Cornopolis painting our new house!


La Fashionista said...

B'more?!?! Whatchootalknbout, hayseed?

I realize I won't get to see you, as much as I'd love that - but I can't remember (did I ever know?) why you're comin east side. Oooh, I'm outta touch. Please fill a sister in on your business in these parts.


ATR said...

Coming back east for some vacay time with 'rents and such. Hitting the beach (don't you Jersey-ites call it "the shore?") for about a week with my Momds and Pops, Bro and Sis (with the two boys), after spending a few days with Monkey's familia. Yikes! How do you not know this? What, you got a new baby to deal with or something?

La Fashionista said...

Don't you even start with that whole "the shore" thing. That's no joke. It's called the beach and Ima throw down with anyone who insists otherwise. :)

Wow, how indeed is it that I didn't know this?! This whole symbiosis thing with Miss S. really does affect every part of my life!

Give your fams hugs for us please! Safe travels, and have fun!