Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tales From the Road

Hey! I've got some time and online access, so a short update on what the Monkeys have been doing since Tuesday.

Wednesday was a travel day. No big news to report. Uneventful short trip to Minneapolis; switched planes; uneventful longer trip to BWI where we were met by a Monkey Mother for a slow crawl up the "express" ways of Central Maryland. We traveled light, with no checked luggage. Hell, if we can manage two weeks in a foreign country with one carry-on, then we can manage ten days back home. It was great just getting on and off the plane without having to worry about baggage pickups or transfers. Highly recommended.

Today, Monkey and I went for a run together--yeah, I have started to run with her. I don't know if I'll be knocking out any half-marathons, but I thought it would be fun to at least provide Monkey with some company while she is here. It rained most of the morning, so our jaunt was not terribly pleasant, but we both finished and nobody got hurt--a good run!

After breakfast, we headed to my favorite museum in the world: the American Visionary Arts Museum. Boring Election, Monkey and I discussed our gross oversight in not telling you about this place before you came to Baltimore last week. Next time you come out, you MUST go here. You would love it, for sure. We had lunch at Sabatino's and picked up some cannoli (of course) at Vaccaro's (looks like they are remodeling). Tonight, we have dinner with Monkey's mom.

Tomorrow, who knows?

Things I am remembering that I love: downtown, food options, museums, familiarity.
Things I am remembering that I hate: traffic, traffic, traffic. By the way, parking in downtown Baltimore is an easier proposition at almost any time that it is in Lincoln. Go figure.


Boring Election said...

Thank you for your thoughtfulness, but no need to feel bad. It is a gift that this went unmentioned because it would have added to the frustration that is conference. Our time is so over-scheduled with work obligations that almost all things worth doing in any locale are impossible to see/do unless they're open or available after 9 p.m. - at which point we are 14 hours into a day and just want to collapse into our hotel beds.

Cannolis at Vaccaro's was the rare exception as it happened to be right down the block from where we had our staff dinner on Wednesday night.

Enjoy your time in B'more and at the beach.

La Fashionista said...

Mmm, Vaccaro's. Love it!

Ugh, beltways. They are always bad. Hate them!

I think it's great that you ran together! I remember running with you back in the day, and you had quite the stride. :)

I never really got to know B-more. I should check some of these things out sometime.

Have a great time!


Laura said...

OMG. I'm concerned. If you're starting to run with Megs, Lechero, I am REALLY screwed with trying to keep up hiking. I'M NOT READY FOR THIS!!! Wogging isn't enough!! heeeelllppppppp!! (glad you're having fun @ home, tho). Big smooches from Frank...