Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stupid Sidewalk!

I don't usually post twice in one day, but I thought I would get this news break out there ASAP.

On my way home from Day One of the Great Plagiarism Summit of 2009, I decided to turn right instead of left and do some exploring farther south of town. It was a bad choice. Not two minutes into my detour, a section of sidewalk reared up before me, perhaps two inches higher than the piece of sidewalk in front of it. On a stiff framed bike, that is quite a jarring bump. So, I decided to do what any fourteen year old would do. I hopped the bump. Unfortunately, I was going downhill rather fast, and as the bike regained the purchase of the sidewalk it shimmied and shook. I was jarred from the seat, but held on long enough to slow the bike considerably before I had to let go. The bike went to the right, and I went to the left, on my leg and my elbow. I think I rolled once or twice, and popped right back up (mostly from embarrassment).

My chain popped off, and one of the brake handles was scraped up, but, otherwise, the bike was fine. I reseated the chain, and the bike was as good as before. Me? Well, I have a nasty strawberry on my shin (it looks like I have been playing softball again), a big old burner on my knee, a mild road burn on my elbow (I was wearing long sleeves, thank goodness), and some rough skin on my right palm. I will spare you a picture, but full disclosure requires me to tell you that I am bleeding as I write this. How is that for timely journalism?

My first thought, after I checked myself and my bike for serious damage? I hope my leg scabs up enough so that I can play basketball tonight!


AMVB said...

I'm impressed with your timely reporting - while still bleeding, even. That's some dedication.

You should go back and teach that sidewalk section what's what.

Nice recovery. And perhaps a sign that you shouldn't get a new bike just yet. A few weeks ago a friend of mine was test-riding a new bike and ended up breaking his collar bone and his wrist and spraining his groin! Embarrassing and bad for his health. Don't you go doing anything like that.

How was bball, ifn you played?

How was Day One of GPS 2009?


ATR said...


Perhaps you are implying that I should wait until I learn how to ride without falling off? I am not certain how my accident implies I should not get a new bike, since, often, people get new cars after they have accidents in them. I know that this is, at the least, a sign that I should wait for my wounds to heal before I test ride a new bike; that way I'll be 100% when I break my wrist and strain my groin on my test ride!

Captcha: icali
(like a Will Smith movie starring LL Cool J)

AMVB said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Ho'd up there, defensive! If Ima say somethn like that, Ida done mentioned a big wheel for you. Or a tricycle. Or training wheels.

I never said you can't ride a bike - though how very interesting that you inferred this. I'm just sayn that the old bike treated you well so maybe you should stick with it a little longer and not introduce the new.

This is the same logic I use to keep on keepn on with my Ac. But since I still haven't gotten the oil cap off for weeks now, maybe you should go ahead and get a new bike.