Thursday, June 04, 2009

One More Day!

Tomorrow is our last contract day of the 2008-2009 school year. It feels like it has been a long time coming. So far, it looks like the end is coming off without a hitch. All of my exams are administered and graded, all of my checklist responsibilities are signed off on. Tomorrow will involve a breakfast/end of the year meeting, some organization, some shenanigans (most likely), lunch with colleagues, and a golf outing/faculty fellowship meeting.

The big news for next year (beside the fact that I get to keep my full time position) is that I will be getting my own room. The past two years, I have been a mobile teacher, with a cart loaded with organizational accoutrements, artistic supplies, and anything else I might need in the course of a day. I usually taught each of my classes in a different room. It's not so big of a hardship. I did it at my former school for the first couple years, too. But, it is nice to have one's own space. I am looking forward to making the space my own (and bequeathing my cart to someone else).

Today, I got home from school, opened up a beer, and sat on the patio, enjoying having nothing to do. Ah, paradise!


AMVB said...

Did you ever do a little dance while you pushed the cart around? Prob would have done wonders for your cred with the chil'ns. There's all kinds of possibilites there - I can just feel it! Too bad someone else will have to bust that move next year instead. We really should have discussed this matter sooner. I'm sure you're bummed not to have taken full advantage of workn the cart.

Don't mind me - loopy from the seemingly unending lack of sleep and related deliria.

Have a great start to your summer!!!


Boring Election said...

Congrats on finishing another year! You deserved the patio beer.

Next week finds me in your homeland of B'more. Highlights will include another chance to meet David Simon (maybe this time I'll say hi...) and a game at Camden Yards. Lowlights include 4.5 long days of staffing a conference. That's life...give & take.

Did Monkey tell you we'd be happy to house Ripken during your July jaunt to BoCoMo? It's a clever plot to make sure we get to hang for a bit, and plus it is good practice for our own puppy pursuits.

Kick ass on the golf course. See you soon.