Monday, June 01, 2009

The Final Dash

Our last week of school began today. Tomorrow is our last day of classes, and we have two days of finals, Thursday and Friday. After that, Friday is a contract day, but that will mostly consist of a closing meeting/retiree breakfast, tying up some loose end-of-the-year-paper-work ends, and hitting the links for the annual (for two years, anyway) round of four-person best ball golf. Last year, our foursome came in dead last. We hope to keep that streak alive, as well.

So far, the end of the year has been smooth. I hope it continues to be so. One thing that will help that to happen is if I close here and get to some grading. And so I shall.

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La Fashionista said...

Do not crack a rib playing the golf yo. Yay to you for finishing up, and good luck with the gradn and the golfn!

My captcha = belipar

Many good pars to you,