Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You Can't Call It Cheatin'

Wow, have I been away! In order to make up for my dearth of posts (and mainly to make myself feel better about keeping up with this bloggy thang), I shall backdate several posts, as if they had been written about the previous twenty-four hours (or so).

These will post in descending chrono order, so this preamble is actually being read as a sort of out of place epilogue.


Looking forward to a big replanting weekend. So far, I only have two scrawny spinach plants growing. I think I may have accidentally pulled some of them during a weeding foray, but that doesn't explain the dearth of lettuces. I am also planning some mesclun, basil, and a potted tomato to compliment the ferociously growing squash and beans. I think the beans are going to overwhelm the squash, but we'll see.

It is the seventh week of the term. The kids can smell the end. They can also smell that we can smell the end. They try to be awfully manipulative, but, as long as I keep them busy, they won't have time to attempt any of their nefarious mind-control tricks.

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La Fashionista said...

Since I don't think there are actually rules to the blog, I won't accuse you of cheatn. However, I will accuse you of

a) messn with my already-loose sense of time. How dare you?! I barely know what month it is to begin with! Now I have to figure out descending chrono, preamble-as-epiogue, and doctored dates? Oy, you.

b) messn with my heart. How dare you?! I go many looong weeks (I think they were weeks, but my sense of time is so baby-licious and now I have you changing dates all around, who really knows for sure?) without a new CentStand post, and then I get on here and find over a half dozen posts that overwhelm all of a sudden!

Yanked all over the place am I. You must take more care with your devoted readers - or at least with this one particular devoted reader.

Ima work to embrace a nonlinear sense of time as I move along to your next in the series of posts now.... Just because I'm super excited about the new posts doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

{pouty face}