Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still in the Saddle

As much as I may seem mentally checked out during any given school day at this time of year, I am still hard at work, learning the churlen and keeping their parentals apprised of their progress (or lack thereof). However, there is still time for some fun and adventure during the work week.

As you may recall, last year, I had a part in the faculty play at my school. This year is no different. We play two nights next Monday and Tuesday, and we are hard at work trying to learn our lines and hit our marks. It promises to be a fun show for cast, crew, and audience all. I look forward to it.

Today's adventure came from my bike ride home, as I furiously attempted to make it back to base before the ominously dark skies opened up on me. The whipping wind made the ride a mild challenge, but the threatening weather kept the trail relatively free of dog and baby walkers, so that was nice. (Not that there's anything wrong with baby walking or dog walking. Their lowered presence made for fewer obstacles to dodge, is all.)

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La Fashionista said...

In what ways could you seem mentally checked out? You write this as if someone might see you and think, "Damn, that brotha checked out." Why might someone think this? Have you tattooed open eyeballs to the outsides of your eyelids so that it looks convincingly like you're awake when you're actually asleep?

No good to be checked out and biking amidst obstacles or against whipping wind. I say you need a nap nap nap.

What play are you doing, and what character are you? Tell tell tell.