Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The End is Nigh

Thursday is the last of the dreaded parent-teacher conference nights. After that, four more weeks of pedagogical bliss, a round of exams, a round of golf, and it's summer time.

Sometimes, people ask if I would ever teach summer school. My response? "HELL NO!" I mean, one of the biggest perks of the job is that nine weeks or so (it's actually getting shorter every year) that I get to spend puttering, taking a trip or two, and just hanging out with Monkey. I understand that some teachers choose to teach summer school for financial reasons, and maybe one or two of them actually do it because they like it...MAYBE. But most of them are doing it because they have to, like Mark Harmon. Well, maybe that's a bad example...or maybe not.

Anyway, I am counting down the weeks at this point. Soon, I'll be counting down the days.


comoprozac said...

Wait until schools go year-round.

La Fashionista said...

So close... Soon the pace of life will be happier.

In the meantime, shickhe.


Jami said...

Year round school.....now that is just mean. Me - I am counting down the days, 16 to be exact. Bring on the raft and bottled beer!

comoprozac said...

You go for 9 weeks and take and take four off, give or take a few days. You could go on vacation four times a year. Doesn't sound so bad, does it?