Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Human Tractor Pull

So, a new event occurred today at our school, as classes were invited to the auditorium for the Hour of Power, a tour de force of weightlifting. A group of students in weight training classes were attempting to set some school records for various lifts. Why this should be a spectator sport, I don't know, but several of my kiddos asked me yesterday if we could go as a class (the only way they were able to go, of course). I said no. We had stuff to do.

Well, one of my students is the daughter of the gym teacher/football coach who was hosting the extravaganza. In addition, her brother was one of the lifters. As well, other teachers said that they were going to go, so I put it to a class vote. Of my twenty-six kids, only two said they didn't want to go, of course. So, we went.

Wow, what a popular event. The auditorium was SRO, and the kids were really enthusiastic. But, it was just another glorification of the athletic over the academic, something my school is hella good at. I think it's time to start thinking about organizing a quiz bowl...with a weight lifting competition. Brains and brawn. Now, that would be an event worth sacrificing a class period for.


Unknown said...

maybe next time they could weight-lift literary classics!

AMVB said...

I like this: "I said no. We had stuff to do." Totally with you there, Reda.

How was your administration OK with this? And what do you do, just push everything you've planned back a day? No good, I say.

Anon AMVB, she finally be caught up with the deluge of posts - aw yeah.

Jami Wade said...

Send me your address - I am working on my wedding invitations early this week.

Hope you are well! When are you finished with school? Our last day is Tuesday - thank God! I've got a wedding to plan.