Monday, May 25, 2009

Wholesome Goodness

Our weekend up north was great fun. Highlights for me include the seediest hot dog joint in America (said one diner: "It made me sick ALL DAY.") A groovy breakfast (best toast EVER) at the neighborhoodly Birchwood (If you put asparagus and fennel in my scramble, I will love you forever.)). An evening meal at Two Pony Farm that involved fresh greens, great cocktails, a tasty Mendocino wine (among others), and one (nearly) severed thumb (mine). Sleeping on the screen porch. Salted strawberries. A pleasant hike at Afton State Park. A second foray to the Blue Door Cafe (whose head honcho is a Lincolnite--go figure!). A nearly passed out trek to Izzy's for unique flavors of ice cream. And, a last morning chow of fried cactus and Cuban steak and eggs. In addition, Mr. Ambassador helped me clear my head and straighten my thinking on buying a new bike.

As usual, our hosts were awesome (and I know I am leaving out something). We will see them in a few months in Colorado, but, perhaps, we (or they) can fit in another visit.

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AMVB said...

Screen porches are the best !!! and sleeping on one is, well, even more the best!!!

What are your newly-straightened thoughts on the bike? Tell tell tell.

That Monkey, she is so pretty!