Monday, February 27, 2006

True/False: Noam Chomsky is in the House

Wow! What a weekend. A dozen films from Thursday to Sunday. With the wonderful addition of a visit from Jersey Girl, who flew out from DC to enjoy the festival and grace us with her company. Ripken was especially happy to see her. It was a great time, I only regret that our movie viewing left little time for pie making. Sorry, Jersey. I hope to hook you up next time!

This weekend was a whirlwind of documentaries and music, from Tenth Street to Eighth Street and all stops in between, pausing only for meal breaks at Main Squeeze, Shakespeare's, and Rasoi for tasty grub. Personal faves of this year's festival include: This Film is Not Yet Rated, The Trials of Darryl Hunt, Heart of the Game, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Smiling in a War Zone, The Big Question, and Amongst White Clouds.

A very surreal moment occurred while watching The Big Question, a film shot by two extras on the set of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. A short appearance by my sister-in-law's Uncle Gene, a Catholic priest, in the movie (singing a hymn), made Monkey and I do a double-take. Had we been drinking orange soda, it most certainly would have been a spit-take. We had no idea he was in the movie. Nobody told us. I wonder if he even knows?

Today, I am pretty beat (running from movie to movie can do that to you, I guess), and a bit sad that it is over. Already, Monkey and I ( and Jersey, too, I imagine) anticipate next year, bigger and better.

And once again, my school proves it total coolness, by having the director and producers of one festival film (all the way from Texas) , and the two subjects of another (all the way from Cameroon (yes, in Africa)), in the building on Friday, talking to students, showing some clips, and entertaining questions. As cool as Drive By Truckers stopping by before a gig last year. We have such great teachers who do such excellent and interesting things for the kids. It is simply an awesome place to work.

Tonight, I am hoofing it downtown to hear Noam Chomsky (disputably the most brilliant man on the planet) speak. That may trump everything else this weekend. I doubt it, but it could.

Today's high: 65 F. Tomorrow: 70. March may come in like a lion, but February is going out like a little lamb, for sure.


Anonymous said...

I swear, it's worse than W&P, this blog! Who the eff is JG?

WOTS is that there were some gorgeous, sexy women there for the T/F! And some exquisite cookies.


ATR said...

Yes. The could I have forgotten about those! You rock, JG (aka Anon AMVB).