Saturday, February 11, 2006

Down Goes Frazier!

Obviously, I have not posted in nine days. The flu hit me on Thursday of last week, and I spent the bulk of this week catching up (physically and otherwise) from my bout o' illness.

Last weekend, even though I was sick, Monkey and I bought a new car! A Honda CRV. It's pretty cool (I only get to drive it on the weekends). It's my first new car, so I was excited as I could get about it, considering the body ache and other accompanying symptoms. We are now back to being a two Honda family. One with 125 K miles on it and one with 250.

I watched the Super Bowl alone on the sofa. Monkey went to a big shin dig at a local joint. She kindly brought me back a couple of t-shirts that she had won and glad tidings from the folks she was with. I didn't get up.

Called in sick Monday and slept all day. Back to work on Tuesday, and by Wednesday, I was feeling much better. I really got tired of soup and toast over the weekend. I was extra happy to consume Tuesday's Chicken Nugget lunch.

The rest of the week has been busy with extra-curricular commitments and such. Last night, the Monkey and I went to see Match Point. It was bad. And long. Which makes it worse. What has happened to Woody Allen? Well, besides all the weirdness of the last ten or fifteen years. I can't even begin to list the problems I had with this movie, since I had so many. The bottom line is, if you want to sit and listen to bad dialogue and watch little or uninteresting plot development for two and a half hours, then be my guest. Otherwise, go rent Take the Money and Run.

It's snowing this morning. It was only supposed to be flurries, but it is a bit more than that. They are apparently getting completely slammed way south of here, and the forecast for you readers on the East Coast is not good. Go buy bread and milk and toilet paper now!

I hope to get back to posting more often, now that I am again a healthy human being. Next time, maybe I'll tell you about Monkey's new avocation as a bagelmonger.

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Anonymous said...

Reda! It's great to have you back in good health. Thanks for the pre-blizzard tip re: milk/bread/TP. Whole Foods was teeming with peeps Friday night as we fought away packs of drooling yuppies out as we were for nutella, organic rye, fancy cheeses, ice cream, fig spread - you know, all the necessities of a snowy Valentine's weekend. Phew! Thank goodness we survived!

Dude, one of my friends (who happens to be from Pittsburgh and a huge Steelers fan) *went* to the superbowl if you can believe that shizzle. Excellent seats on the 35 thanks to a friend of his who works for Googizzle.

Congrats on the smoov new ride! I hope you gradumicate to being permitted to drive it during the week. Let's see some pics here on this blog!

Have you seen Curious George yet?

Looking forward to reading more in the life of Reda now that you're healthy once more!