Monday, February 20, 2006

At Least the Average is Normal

Wow has it suddenly gotten cold here lately. After what seemed like weeks of temps in the 50s, this weekend it has been in the teens. Painful cold. Painful in two ways. First, when you go outside, your face and fingers actually hurt. Second, the heat never stops running, so at the end of the month, you owe Ameren something in the vicinity of a thousand dollars. Ouch!

I am enjoying the tail end of a three day weekend. Thank you to G Wash and AB Linc Dogg (the gangsta presizzles) for living so large that we give them props with a day off. (I don't know what just happened to me.)

I have little to say today, and a good deal of work that I'd like to get done, so I am going to keep it short and sweet. Words of advice from me to you:

1. Avoid pumpkin seeds!
2. Don't let cold temps sway you from going outside. Frostbite only affects the "show" part of the nose. You will still be able to smell (it's just that, for a day or so, all you'll be able to smell is your own dead flesh).
3. Broccolli risotto is good.
4. The Constant Gardener could have been better. I slept through the first hour and still knew what was happening during the last. That should tell you something.
5. Multiples of five are cool.


Osculator said...

Isn't the average always normal (except in Lake Wobegone)?

And how many freakin' holidays am I and other concerned taxpayers giving you? You already get that fat salary, huge bonuses, banker's hours, summers off, and all the chalk anyone could ever ask for. (Insert my best Napoleon Dynamite-style "lucky" here.)

Peace brother.

ATR said...

I have to take you to task, my uninformed taxpayer. We DO NOT get free chalk! Which is a real bummer, because it was one of the original attractions to the profession--the chalk. Now, it's all white boards and sniffing fumes! (Insert MY best Chevy-Chase-in-Modern-Problems impression here.)