Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Slower Side of Sears

I have recently had some mail order issues with a few companies. Some clothing I ordered from a small record co. never arrived. It was on back order last time I checked, and the guy who runs the place gave me my money back! I had some issues with an order from a large electronics box store, but that got resolved, and I got the shipping charge refunded. I goofed up my own order from a big box book store and sent the shipment to my old address in MO. That got returned, and I got my money back for that one, too.

My most recent online debacle involves a department store whose name may or may not appear in the title of this entry. I ordered a fuel tank assembly kit for my gas trimmer. That was officially fifteen days ago. My order status tells me that my order should ship in 4-7 business days. It has said that since July 31. I think it has been at least 10 business days. I emailed the customer service folks on Monday night, but I have yet to hear from them.

In the meantime, my trimmer is in pieces in the garage, and the weeds are busting out all over, what with the deadly combo of hothothot, humidhumidhumid, sunnysunnysunny, and afternoon gully washers.

Had a productive day at school, today. Some more district mandated meetings tomorrow, along with open house from 7-8:30 tomorrow night. Monday is the first day for freshman (of which I have none), and Tuesday brings the school year into full effect.

I've been pretty weak on the show-going front. The Monkey 'rents' visit coincided with Centro-matic's show at Knickerbockers (along with a monster headache on Friday afternoon), so I missed that. I am skipping Gillian Welch, too. Okkervil River plays Omaha on 9/14. I'll represent, then, I promise.


Jami said...

I just put the new Okervill River CD on my it. I am working on the AP Government Audit that should have been finished before school was out...I lacked motivation in June just as I lack it now. I am plugging along and keep reminding myself how "easy" I have it this year.

I go back in the morning....I will call you tomorrow evening and give you the full scoop and I want the same.


comoprozac said...

We have had similar issues with Sears as of late. Not sure we'll give them our business again.

Let us know about Omaha. That's one of those indie rock meccas I'd like to visit. (Already visited Seattle and Brooklyn, still need Chapel Hill, Omaha, and Portland, though.)

Wait, Jami, you got an iPhone!? I just updated from the "stick" to the 80gb iPod. My wife wants an iPhone. Is it everything you thought would be and more?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they only do the softer side anymore. As for the oft-neglected harder side (where tools and such would likely fall), well maybe the attitude is "That's just too damn bad! Get over it and bide your time." or something tough and hard like that. I can't keep up with the latest slogans, especially since I'm pretty distant from the media - and thus advertising - these days. But I could see some kind of harder side slogan on a ball cap, ya know hon? "We're Sears. Get Over Yourself." Or something.

I'm curious what you penned in your email to them. I'd love to see that on the blog. I hope you included that you were "disappointed". That's always a good one to use. I really do try to be as manipulative as possible when I write such letters. Though then again I guess that getting the isht you ordered in the first place really isn't that manipulative a goal. Anyway, I hope you were appropriately dramatic and manipulative without being over the top transparent that you were being manipulative and dramatic with your letter.

Wishing you well as Day 1 approaches!