Friday, August 17, 2007

Being a Discussion of Baby Birds, Order Statuses, and Things Left Undone

Open house went well enough. It was poorly attended by my students, with a total sign in of five students and three parents for three blocks. It seems that open house here is mainly for your garden variety freshman (should I say "freshperson"?). Maybe we should call them "hatchlings." Thus making the sophomores "fledglings," the juniors "juveniles," and the seniors "hawks." Such a suggestion, however, goes to the heart, perhaps of school culture and should probably be discussed by some sort of institutional committee or such. Let me take a preemptive moment to refuse the nomination as chairman of said committee, thank you.

The fuel tank assembly is on its way! I never received a reply to my email to customer service, but, after sending it, I noticed the status of my order changed to: BACK ORDERED, a status tagged with the note: "We don't know when you are going to get this, man." Today, the status is listed as: SHIPPED, and is again stating that I shall receive my parts in 4-7 business days (or was that 47 business days?). It looks like the edges will be ragged at Monkey House Nebraska for at least another week.

I still have a bit to do to prepare for Tuesday. I will most likely spend some time at school this weekend. I feel like I did not work very effeciently this week (smarter, not harder!), but, I got enough done to feel like I am in a position to be as ready as I can be when the curtain goes up.


comoprozac said...

It's interesting how as kids age, their parents attend fewer and fewer school functions. They either have learned to trust in public schools or have given up on their children.

boring election said...

Or trust their children and have given up on public schools?

How did the first day go, T?

I'm toying with the idea of making it up to Omaha for the Okkervil show. My college roomie is living back in the heartland and it's a good excuse for a quick trip. And $10 for OR and Damien Jurado? Hard to pass up...although the following weekend I'd also like to make it to Chicago for The National. (Two big plans that will probably fizzle...)

Anyway, hope the first day went OK. And perhaps I'll see you sooner rather than later.


Jami said...

Hey Tony,

Sorry I keep missing you. We have had Schaefer's North (from Madison) here all weekend and had our last organized event this evening...the annual outing to G&D Pizza the night before school starts...we've been doing it for years. I am awaiting the announcement on the 10:00 news as to whether or not we will actually have a full day of school know what I am hoping for! I will call you tomorrow afternoon and get the 411 on your first day. Things are really mellow around here - everyone seems ready and quite relaxed. -Jami

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