Thursday, August 30, 2007

Key Lime Pie = Grand Success

A quick whip-up and a spell in the fridge was all it took to create an awesome Key lime pie, last night. The department had a pot luck lunch today and I signed up for pie. Through my culinary wiles and my hilarious commentary, I am making myself indispensible to them. I will no doubt be invited back next year. No matter that my classroom management skills are awful and that I can't identify the rallying point for seven random locations for a tornado warning. Pedagogy and procedure take a back seat to a kick ass pie every freaking time!

PIE RULES (along with San Dimas High School football...)!

[Disclaimer: It is hard to be objective, but I don't really think my management skills are awful, I just had a bad day. I'll do better tomorrow.---No one has demanded of me that I identify a rallying point for ANY room during a tornado warning, let alone seven random rooms. This alone may be a gross oversight by the school safety committee, but, considering the four hundred other things I have to handle in a day, tornadoes really are low on my priority list.---Pedagogy and procedure only take a back seat to pie when there is an actual pie in the room.---Pie does rule, but San Dimas football is make the rock and roll dream of world peace and serenity known as Wyld Stallyns.---I have no idea what has sent me into this odd worm hole to circa 1989 Bill and Ted references, but here we be.]


Jami Wade said...

So...did you monkey with the flavor combinations?????

comoprozac said...

San Dimas High is real!