Thursday, August 02, 2007

Doing JUST What They Want Me To Do--Duh'Oh!

I know, you are not used to dealing with two posts in one day. I rarely do it. But, I was reading the paper this morning and came upon a mention of this website. Here, thanks to the mere generosity of Burger King (it's not an ad or anything), you can upload a picture of yourself and have it Simpsonize you. Just like Weird Al Yankovic (or the host of others they have drawn over the years (Oscar de la Hoya, Baha Men)).

Truly, Burger King is hoping folks will amuse themselves at this website and then pass it on to others, thereby creating a word-of-mouth advert for the restaurants and the movie the likes of which this country has not seen since the AquaTeen Hunger Force Boston Debacle of 2006.

This is me as I might appear on an episode of the show (note the branding):


Anonymous said...

Wow, Simpsonized Reda has a definite resemblance! Of course, perhaps the contextual cues of the cardigan and the school scene add to the overall ATR essence. Mine is pretty good, though I was disappointed that there were no pregnancy body options. I'm too tired to focus on trying to get the image up on this here blog that isn't even mine with which to take such liberties. So I'll leave it to the imagination.

Strange, but for some reason I'm suddenly wanting BK onion rings and a veggie burger. I wonder why that is?


comoprozac said...

It looks like the bartender from Sex in the City.