Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Just Nice to Be Asked

A newly discovered major difference between my old school system and my new school system: Today, our first day of contract time, we were given a form, basically asking us if we wished to make ourselves available to cover class periods that teachers were not present for and subs could not be found for. It happens often in public schools. A teacher has to call in sick to tend his/her sick child. It is close to the time for first bell to ring; no subs can be found. The periods are covered by a rotating crew of teachers on their planning period. But, where I came from, nobody asked if we were willing to do it, they just called us up in the morning (or during class) and told us we had to cover on our conference hour. It sucked. And we did not get paid for it. (Really, we were taking it the hard way--that has to stop.) Here, they PAY us for the hour (of course, in a block situation, here, we get paid for TWO hours). I opted out this year. I am going to need all of my planning time, as far as I can tell. But, next year? Hell, I just might volunteer for every period I can.

Copying is different here, too. We're much more accountable (on a department level). If you all can contain yourselves, maybe I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. And somewhere, I'll find time to tell you about the Monkey 'rents.

Comoprozac: thanks for the shout out.

T-minus seven days and counting. I am overwhelmed, under-prepared, calm on the outside, and freaking out on the inside.


Anonymous said...

It's always a good thing to have your time, energy, presence - the whole shebang - respected. I'm glad to hear that this aspect of the Administrative Bullshit treats you well. As it should be.

And by all means, bring on the details about the copying Admin BS! Plus the Monkeyrents. I'm curious and eager to hear.

I'm sending you all the best, Mr. OverUnderCalmFreaky! You'll do great, and of course it's always most rattling the first time through with all the work and the newness of everything. Hang in and be well.


Jami Wade said...


I suspect you do not have the equivalent of "Helmut Head" administering (and I am being kind here) substitutes. Lucky for you. Will be curious to hear about the accountability of your departmental copying system - I am predicting copyright issues. I am going back to the same school for the thirteenth year and I am sick to my stomach - so I can only imagine how you are feeling. I trust that you will pull it off and no one will be the wiser (except MM of course).

Does "Partner Teacher" read your blog?


comoprozac said...

I worked in a district where they asked if you'd cover a sub-less class and we got paid...dolla', dolla' bill y'all! You must have a union there.

About the copying thing...Didn't you know that education is all about accountability? I mean, rarely are the questions asked: "Is our children learning?" and "How many copies does it take to pass state-mandated standardized tests?"

No prob on the shout out. Your commentary is always welcome in Misery.

comoprozac said...

You and many of your COMO readers might appreciate this...Get Hellweged!

desertheart said...

not that it has anything to do with anything that you have written... but... i took a moment to look around today and try to figure out what i was missing... and it occurred to me, that while i know nothing is REALLY lost, there are a couple of monkeys somewhere over yonder that i haven't talked to in quite some time... and am not even quite sure how to get a hold of... i love you... both... very much... and while its good that you are seemingly appreciated... im a bit concerned... because i thought... that it was the nature of a monkey to allow the outside to reflect the inside... hence the healthy and all-too desirable balance of happy tree swinging, frenzied chest beating, and contemplative bug picking... let us not forget what monkeyhood is all about... :) your beloved stinky...

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Reda I'm going to miss you this year. But i hope you have fun in Nebraska.

Are you interested in Fantasy Books? If so I would would Recommend the "His Dark Materials" Trilogy. Maybe you've already read it, but if not it's one of my favorites, and I know you like books.

Anyway, Have a nice day.

ATR said...


You make me laugh. I feel the same way about Mr. H. That blog is gonna make me CoMo sick.


You don't know how to find me? I'm sure you do.


Thanks, Squeaks. I'll miss you, too. Thanks for the book tip. I do loves me some readin'.

Jami and Comoprozac--

Accountability, of a sort. See today's post.

Anon AMVB--