Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Day, Another Scholar

Today, I learned how to scan a document to my email, save it as a PDF, and send it as a print job to the print shop to be delivered on a future date. How awesome is that? One more thing that I know how to do.

I also had a better day with my sophomores than yesterday, but we have a whole lot of room for improvement.

Beyond that, not much news to report. Except that, according to a news article in the Lincoln Journal-Star today, one in four people have not read a book this year. That was not a fun article to start off my day with, ladies and gents! (Astute readers will note that the link provided does not take one to the Lincoln Journal-Star, but rather the Baltimore Sun. I could not find a link to the article in the Journal-Star, but, like all good AP articles, it found its way into multiple papers. And, it is a mere coincidence that, when I Googled "reading poll" the first hit was for the Baltimore Sun--my old hometown paper.)

For a narrative reverie brought about by filling a new iPod (something I have been enjoying myself, lately--it's like a universe of infinite space--but it's not), check out one of my favorite blogs, Living in Misery.


Magdalene said...

Hmmm...slightly ironic that the article should come from 'the city that reads' eh?

On a similar note...a couple of years ago, I read a statistic that said the the average household over here has 6 (yes folks, SIX) books. I couldn't believe it. Each of my children have at least triple that in their first year and let's not even count how many Chris and I have. So many that they have to be packed in boxes because we don't have big enough bookcases (or enough room)

It definitely IS worrying...

comoprozac said...

Who has time to read when one is blogging?

I think you're one up on me in shout-outs.

BTW-Sorry about your Orioles. Ouch! 30-3! Yikes!