Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Doldrums?

August always seems like the slack-sailed part of the year's journey. It's hot. It's still. There are no observances. The end of summer is nigh. You can almost hear the boards creaking, as the furled sails hang limply from the masts, the rigging dry and dusty. The crew lies on the deck, thirsty, hot, tired. The ship drifts with the current. In the water below, there is nothing. No dolphin, no whale, no shark. Just a flat copper looking glass is the sea, sparkling with unrelenting sun. You are firmly in the Doldrums.

Yep. That's August.

On the other hand, in less than a week, I will be engaging in the stimulating intellectual exercises known as "New Teacher Orientation" and "Faculty Workdays and On-Site Planning." Doesn't that sound great?! From the 7th until school begins on the 20th, that is how I will spend most of my days. That is how I will navigate through the Doldrums; ultimately feeling the warm breeze of September on my dry, cracked lips. In anticipation I will unfurl my sails, hoping to catch the most virgin of winds, which will carry me off to my South Pacific paradise--but, first I must navigate the treacherous waters of Cape Hope.

We do not despair. With a trusty first mate and a good cabin dog, the journey will be one of adventure, obstacles, and, ultimately, triumph. With a few cold adult beverages served in a frosty coconut shell at the end.

At least, one can hope.


Anonymous said...

Aye, matey. A pirate teacher, are you? A pirate teacher sporting a cardigan even in August!

Suddenly I want Thrashers fries and Dolle's salt water taffy and a Nicoboli! I wonder why?

Seriously, sister wonders how she can escape to the beach before this baby is born. You may have inspired some grand plan of me and the Ac making one last trip together there, just us two. Plus I just bought a maternity bathing suit, and I can't only wear it in a pool! That would run counter to all the inspired poetic writing you just shared.

Anon AMVB, she is considering it

Jami said...

Chin up sailor - this is the time you are likely to meet the bizzaro boland and thornsberry. Just one thing, I must know what they're wearing.

Good luck next week. I am off to New York before the battle begins.

P.S. I got an iPhone today.
P.P.S. Everyone's at the Blue Note seeing the Yea Yea Yea's - I came home early.