Sunday, April 29, 2007

In Which Our Boy Shakes Off the Blues

Here it is, nearly one pm on Sunday, and I sit to take a break from a whirlwind of activity. Yesterday, Ripken roused me from sleep at 7:15. I let him out, made coffee and perused the papers (Tribune and NYT). After a bowl of cereal, I ran to the hardware store to buy a pair of waterproof gloves, climbed the ladder, and cleaned the gutters. The recent rains had reminded me that this needed to be done, because all of the water running off the roof cascaded into the open bedroom and living room windows. This was not good.

But, yesterday was beautiful, so, yanking funky muck from my gutters in the warm morning sunshine was actually kind of pleasant. After that, I decided to wash all of the blinds in the house, since that has not been done for nigh on eight years, and they were getting a little dingy. It takes quite some time to do that. As a matter of fact, I only did about half of them. I watched a little bit of the Cards-Cubs debacle before running back to the hardware store to get some plumbing supplies to fix a minor problem with the bathtub. The hardest part about that was buying the right size cotter pin, but, I did.

I was getting a bit hungry, and had been thinking about lo mein since Friday afternoon, so I wizzed buy China Chef to pick that up. Back home, I had the end of the game on in the background, as I fixed the tub and finished some more of the blinds. In between, I also did some laundry.

From about seven to nine, I finished making all of the changes to the first draft of the novel on the computer. Of course, in a few weeks, it will be time to work through the second draft, but I am glad I can say I am making progress. At nine pm, I lay down on the sofa to read. An hour later, I woke from a short nap to trudge off to a proper sleep in the bed.

This morning, I took a bit more time with the papers, did some cleaning in the car port, then mowed the lawn. I still have to go grocery shopping (next on the list). I also hope to get some grading done, work on a future assignment, and play softball this evening. The sunshine sure does perk a brother up.

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Anonymous said...

I love it when Our Hero discovers not only the proper cotter pin and the enjoyment of other things domestic, but also hope within himself! The state of the home as indicative of one's psyche, perhaps. You go, Reda.

Apparently my psyche is somewhat cluttered and in flux in preparation for an eventual transition to a new, bigger home.

Dismemberment Plan was fantastic last night! Wow. It was wonderful to experience the music myself and knowing that the baby also was feeling/hearing it. Neither of us wore earplugs. Plus what a treat to be out until way into the wee hours.

Not so much of a treat to get up early for day two of a conference. The conference was great and totally worth it though.

People I don't know are now noticing my pregnancy. Reactions have been sweet so far. One day last week I bought a sandwich, and the sandwich guy didn't charge me extra for the cheese!

Here's to more cheese.