Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In Which Our Boy is Disappointed

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were supposed to play the Blue Note tonight, but due to "scheduling conflicts" the show was postponed. Bummer. Wonder what "scheduling conflicts" means? Were they on their way to LA when they realized there was no way the bus could make it all the way here in time for the show? Did they notice that they had already committed to playing in Lawrence today? Did somebody in the band get invited to an all-you-can-eat Bull and Oyster Roast that they couldn't refuse? Whatever it was, I hope it was worth it. The show will be rescheduled.

In other music news, The Hold Steady AND Bobby Bare Jr play this town on the same day (6/12) at different venues (let's see THAT happen in Lincoln). Fortunately, I won't have to decide which show to see, since I will be back East for the nuptials of La Fashionista (Do you SEE the sacrifices I make for you, Jersey Girl?).

Tomorrow is the Spring Blood Drive at school tomorrow. I'll be setting up tables and "pass out here" signs at 6:30 AM. Woo Hoo! I love phlebotomy.


Anonymous said...

I do in fact feel the profound love and tremendous sacrifice - though I contend that you will be surrounded by more (quality and quantity) talented musicians at the wedding than you would even if you attended *both* shows there in CoMO. (Yep, I'm throwin' it down! But sadly I don't think you'll get to hear any of them play that weekend although many discussions about music will probably occur.) Also, unfortunately you'll only be able to get to three degrees of separation from Eddie Vedder, as no members of The Dismemberment Plan will be in attendance. = huge bummer for you I'm so sure.

If you're lucky, maybe we'll have some Utzes, Tastykaaks, scrapple, and/or subs available to help mitigate your considerable loss. Oh and family! Don't forget about family! We'll have plenty of that for you too. I can just picture it now: "Here, PLEASE take some nice scrapple and my mom with you as you leave!"

Good luck with the pass out assistance tomorrow. Are you also going to give blood and be a good role model? Then you can show the chil'ns how to pass out too! Show them how it's done yo.


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