Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In Which Our Boy Sums Up the Ledger (and the Levee)

Get down, river
Get down
--The Bottle Rockets, "Get Down River"

The Ledger has quite a few things on it that haven't been summed up. Let's look at it, shall we?

On the positive side of the ledger: I got a plaque last night recognizing my contributions to my school's Speak Your Mind Forums over the past few years.
On the negative side of the ledger: We watched a brutal film about the Montgomery Bus Boycott in class yesterday, and the speaker at the SYM forum last night was a Holocaust survivor. No doubt, I was not too high on the human race as a whole, yesterday.

On the positive side of the ledger: It did not rain yesterday.
On the negative side of the ledger: The forecasters are predicting rain the next couple of days and a flood crest from the Big Muddy that might reach 1993 proportions (Flood of the Century, sure...LAST Century, sucker).

On the positive side of the ledger: Last week's Blood Drive collected 150 units of blood.
On the negative side of the ledger: Someone had an allergic reaction to latex, two kids threw up, and the nurse made it sound like her office was so full of swooning children that it looked like the "Burning Atlanta" scene from Gone With the Wind. Later reports found a total of two students lying down. Nevertheless, the blood drive may be a thing of the past. Administrators cite "liability" as the cause.

On the positive side of the ledger: Ice Planet Hoth a distant memory is.
On the negative side of the ledger: Swamp Planet Dagoba upon us soon will be.

On the positive side of the ledger: Today's chicken nuggets were exquisite.
On the negative side of the ledger: It is T-minus 4 Tuesdays before it's "No more nuggets for you."

I am sure I am leaving many things off of both sides, but one can easily see that, as always, I am just breaking even. Who could ask for anything more?

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Anonymous said...

That is indeed a pretty balanced assessment of things. I wasn't aware, however, that there is apparently a Ledger somewhere. Wow, the things you keep track of. Is that where you keep all your baseball stats too?

Congratulations on your award for your contributions to Speak Yo Mind! What a fitting honor for you, my opinionful friend.

I did notice that most of the negative entries seemed to weigh more dramatic than the positives. What's up with that?

And did all that drama really happen with the blood drive? (It's probably beneficial that those chil'ns found out about the latex allergy, you know.) You weren't the center of any drama yourself that day, eh? I could imagine some drama from you, like if the school didn't reach its blood drive goal you'd shave off all your hair or wear seersucker pants to school.

Just try to contain yourself and save the seersuckers for the wedding - woo hoo!


Anon AMVB, she not so balanced :)