Thursday, May 24, 2007

House Painting

Okay, I think I've gotten the "In Which Our Boy" titles out of my system, but, they could resurface at any time.

Don't expect to hear from me this holiday weekend, as I and the Monkey will be at Monkey House Nebraska, putting some new pigment on the interior walls. Prepare for before/after pictures. The color palette will run from enigma to marigold, and if that actually tells you what colors the rooms will be, step away from the paint chips.

We have five rooms to paint, the two of us, primer and multiple coats, but I suspect we will get it all done over the weekend. We have less than a month before the movers come and take all of our stuff, so this will be one more palpable moment that reminds us that our days beside the Big Muddy are numbered.

Every day, I feel different about it. Some days, I feel like: let's hurry the hell up and get out of here, already. Some days I feel like chaining myself to the nearest radiator and screaming, "You'll never take me alive!" But they will take me alive. Most days, anyway, it's something in between. I will depart willingly, if a little melancholically (which I really have always been good at, melancholy, I just haven't practiced it as much as I used to).

This chapter is soon to close. Bring on the next location.

By the way, my contract for my new school arrived in the mail, today. They have the wrong school listed. An omen? No, just a mistake. So, I guess I have to call them and have them send me a new one. Plus, they say they want more transcripts for their files. What's wrong with the ones I sent them in January? Don't they know this screwy university here turns me out for ten bucks every time I request a transcript?


comoprozac said...

You don't need primer. We didn't. We might move within town so that you two will have more room when you visit during T/F. I know this melancholy of which you speak. Just hope that it goes away after you've been there a few months. I'm just shaking mine.

Mary Meghan said...

We do need to paint over a glossy (yes, glossy) red (yes, red) room. And, we're painting that room yellow. Ouch. I think that primer isn't an option.

comoprozac said...

True that. we just painted over a dirty, grayish, pinkish something. (Is that actually a color available at Home Depot?)

Anonymous said...

May all your painting go well! I can't wait to see the pictures.

Surely it must disappoint you, but I can't even make an effort at clever after this crazy week. I was going to try to work the melancholy angle, but alas, sadly, I got nothin.



Mary Meghan said...

Home Depot has so many colors that yes, dirty, grayish, pinkish something may actually be on a sample page!

Tired, sore, and more tired,

comoprozac said...

Saw the pics the other day. The house looks good.