Monday, May 21, 2007

In Which Our Boy Feels Betrayed by Jimmy Carter's Back-pedaling and Lifted by a Hitman With a Conscience

Give it to me straight from the heart
Tell me we can make one more start
You know I'll never go
As long as I know
It's coming straight from the heart
--Bryan Adams, "Straight from the Heart"

I am always a little disappointed when a politician, or anyone in the public eye of any worth (not that politicians are naturally of any worth, but anyway...), says something real, something unrehearsed, something that I think is pretty right on, and then, when some dust up occurs, they soft-sell it, back-pedal, claim they were "misinterpreted." It happens all the time (except in one glaring case, which I will get to in a minute). But, Jimmy Carter's recent "misinterpretation," in which he may have called the current administration the "worst in history," is a big blow to me, since I am an unabashed Jimmy Carter admirer from way back (I'm talking even before I could vote--like 1980 (not a good time for Jimmy, you know)). It hurts me to see a man whom I admire, a man who has single-handedly done more good in his life in the world than every rat-bastard in the halls of the White House today put together, have to kowtow to the Head Honcho. Especially when he's fucking-A right.

And for the White House to call Jimmy Carter "increasingly irrelevant"? They must have been talking about themselves, but then, we know they've been right about so many things in our world, that must be true, too.

By the way, the glaring case of someone who never back-pedals, never soft-sells, who always moves full steam ahead? That's right, the worst president we may have ever had: George W. Bush. January 2009 can not come soon enough, brothers and sisters.

Of course, all of my ire was washed away, as I surfed the virtual pages of to find this little tidbit. There is NOTHING more heart-warming than a "hitman with a heart of gold" story. It makes you think, "Gee, at least some of the people who will kill for money have something good about them." But, doesn't this make you wonder how reliable this hitman is? I mean, sure, he won't shoot a seven-year-old girl in the chest for $2000, but I wouldn't make a deal to buy a car from him. He might not deliver the goods, you know? Then again, maybe he would go through with the car deal, if we can keep his mother out of it.


comoprozac said...

Jimmy Carter was right, and he out-classed the Bushies by retracting his statement. The important thing is that people will remember that he said it, not that he back-pedaled. However, the only problem with this administration be labeled as the "worst ever" is that Republicans have been fondly reminiscing about the Reagen years.

Anonymous said...

Hm, I have a few (mixed) reactions. I appreciate Jimmy Carter's direct, candid statement. With all the political doubletalk that is the norm these days, his forthright honesty was refreshing. It is important to stand up against this administration, particularly when few other political figures are doing so and when so many awful things are happening as per their twisted, short-sighted, greedy, nondiplomatic, old-boy-club stance.

I also feel disappointed in some ways that Jimmy later reframed his remarks. The part of me that is disappointed, frustrated, and completely fed-up with the utter stupidity and harmfulness of this administration does not want his original comment explained or watered down in any way.

However, I also admire Jimmy Carter's diplomacy and his nonreactive, humane stance as very central to his many notable accomplishments. I trust him that he clarified his comment for a valid reason, even though this does not appeal me as an angry citizen of this country at this time in our history.

And I agree: His original statement will stand, regardless. It's like in a courtroom when the judge strikes a comment from the record and tells everyone to act like they never heard it. He said it, we heard it, and it resonated with many. He then reacted diplomatically, and I have to trust his wisdom and humanity in doing so even though it goes against my ire.


Squeaks said...

not only that but bush has just laid out a contingency plan for a catastrophe of some sort, if it were to happen he basically gets martial law and becomes dictat...i mean benevolent leader until he feels he needs to step down.

ATR said...


I think you're being a bit paranoid. I don't like the Prez, obviously, but I don't assume he has any evil plan to become "benevolent leader". We have had, as a matter of course, some form of Continuity Plan since, at least, the dawn of the Nuclear Age (if not before). This directive is the latest version (with the addition of a new wrinkle or two (you know, we have a Department of Homeland Security, now)) of a long-standing contingency plan, in the event of disaster. Especially after the debacle of Hurricane Katrina, it's about time that the Bush administration has developed some kind of plan to respond to similar emergencies. I understand your paranoia (after all, I've read Animal Farm and 1984, too), but this is much ado about nothing...I hope.