Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Dawn of a New Season

To begin, it is like Christmas for me this morning. Tonight at 6pm Central, the St. Louis Cardinals host the Amazing Mets of New York as Major League Baseball opens its 2007 season. This may be my favorite day of the sporting year.

As if in agreement that today is a red letter day, this morning is beautiful. The cardinals are singing, the sun is up, the wind is down, and the grass is dying to be cut. Of course, it appears that about two inches of rain has fallen since I have been gone, so the grass may have to wait a day for the ground to firm up. Imagine my disappointment.

Before grass is cut or baseball is viewed, I have a bit of grading to finish up before school resumes on Monday, so I should be spending some time in my classroom today. That shouldn't take too awfully long, if I can stay on task. Getting there, as you know, is half the battle, anyway.

And finally, I have only one picture of Monkey House Nebraska. This is from the county assessor's website (or some such). Monkey and I were unable to take any pics ourselves, since the batteries in the camera were kaput. This is not the first time our batteries have let us down. Rechargable batteries tend to get a bit weak after a number of rechargings, and after several years, it appears that we are due some new ones.

As Kilgore Trout is fond of saying, "So it goes."


Anonymous said...

Ho, ho, ho! These are wonderful things. Santa is looking forward to squeezing down your chimney. $3.

Seriously, your new home is lovely. Congratulations!



Magdalene said...

The house looks beautiful from the outside.
Can't wait to see interior pics.
What's the timeline for completion?