Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Well, back to the grind this week. No problems getting back in the swing, at all.

Thanksgiving was great. A good get away and a relaxing time. I hope everyone else had as good a holiday as the Monkey and I. The only shortcoming? I didn't make any pie!!!! And, sadly, five days later, I am jonesin' for a stuffing sandwich. With gravy, of course.

One of my fondest post-Turkeyday memories is raiding my brother-in-law TD Jr.'s fridge and finding weeks'-worth of stuffing! Gawd, the Monkey and I gorged ourselves that year.

Today, the Monkey is ill. She has a sore throat. Currently, she is on the sofa watching "The Apprentice." Now, that's sick! Wish her good health. I am trying my best to fight it. SO far, so good.

Ripken spent the holiday visiting Aunt James and Uncle Joe and Ms. London Belle. He had a great time and slept all afternoon on Monday. Today, he's back to normal.

Monkey heads to NYC in two weeks. I'll be staying here, minding the fort. Among other things.

Now that we are fully into the holiday season, enjoy yourself as much as possible. It is easy to get frustrated by traffic and shopping and people and Christmas songs and other holidays and too much work and a lack of finances and on and on and on. But try to keep a smile on your face as you say, "Hey, asshole, get your Santa-hat-wearing-perfume-spraying-Happy-Holidays-repeating self OUT OF MY WAY! I've got shopping to do."

And, finally, to my sister (you know who you are): maybe if you didn't keep your photos in a bucket, you could post them somewhere....


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving, and thanks for the update on Megha Monkey. I suggest that she get a blog of her own (MeghaMonkey is a good name for it, too!) to keep us up to date on her life of sickness and health, of trips to NYC, etc.

In the spirit of Megha, I'm now all super curious about her! Megha, how are you feeling today? Megha, when are you going to NYC? Megha, why are you going to NYC? Megha, how do you always look so fabulous?! Megha, where did you get those cute shoes? Megha, how did you get so curious? Megha, do you think it's funny that I'm asking you questions on Reda's blog?

Forgive me, Reda. It's as though Megha and I are having breakfast at Hootchie Mama's and are entirely wrapped up in our conversay and neglecting you!

And look here you, I may keep my photos in a bucket, but where would you like me to put my cookies? ($3) I'll put my cookies where your mouth is if you're not careful! ($3) Of course, I would gladly expedite on that offer if you'd post those seductive pics of my cookie love on your website. ($3)

And speaking of other holidays, whatchoo got goin for NYE? And, not to be overshadowed, what about for celebrating Under38 Day?

I myself have eaten ferociously and voraciously for the past week - some delicious Italian, Ethiopian, Indian, and Ben&Jerrysian. And it's NYC for NYE for P and me - we'll be with D. That's right, NYENYC2. There, I plan to eat my way through the city.

Speaking of the NYE and food themes you continue to bring up repeatedly in your blog (I'm like, quit it with all the talk about NYE and food already pops!), I need some help. By help I mean suggestions. You may be aware that I have a meta New Year's resolution: Each year, one of my resolutions is to learn to make a new food (2004, pie from scratch; 2005, matzahball soup). Keeping in mind that meat/seafood is not an option, suggestions for 2006?

Reda, I have missed you in all these days since your last post with the most! I was afraid you shunned your cardi for a hemp tie-dyed t-shirt and stayed out there in Cali you were gone so long.

With lots to talk about but little to say, maybe I should have my own blog too! Nah, too much work.

Chattery Anon AMVB

Anonymous said...

AMVB--You are awfully chatty on a brotha's blog! Whew wee, I got tired just readin' through all dat. I am feeling sicky and not likin' it at all. Going to NYC to (a) get to the city because I miss it so, (2) visit my friend Tracy and her husband Greg who I haven't seen in forever, and (c) use a free airline ticket. And let's get one thing straight....I need to feel bettter so that *I* can eat my way through the city!!!!

What should you learn to make for 2006????.......paella? ravioli? ciabatta (c-i-a-b-a-t-t-a)? risotto? panini? gelato? frittata? baklava? stromboli? cannoli? manicotti? gaucamole? tamale? pastitsio? anything else that ends in a vowel?

That's all I got right now.
Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Ah, it may be baklava!