Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday: The Unofficial Start of the Weekend

Back in college, Thursday was really the signal day for weekend activity. Everybody went out on Thursday night, mostly because, after Freshman year, few people had classes on Friday. So Thursday started the weekly debauchery of college existence.

Well, to be honest, back in college, it was always weekend. Nobody really paid too much attention to the calendar when it came to evening festivities. But officially unofficially, Thursday was as good a place marker as any.

Tonight, after sitting in on a "Speak Your Mind" forum at school (I am "training" to replace the current moderators), the Monkey and I, along with James, Coach B, and who knows who all else, will be heading out to The Blue Note to take in the American Music Club/Spoon show. We are hoping to make it a relatively calm night. We do still have to teach the churlen and such on Friday, but we have chosen Thursday to begin the blowing off of the steam.

Friday brings the first official meeting (after a plenary meeting) of Otto's Book Club. We meet at a local dive, have a few drinks, eat some nachos and talk about a particular book. This month: John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces. Half of the members of the club have read the book (including myself), but it has been years for us all. We thought it would be timely, what with New Orleans nearly getting wiped off the map a few back. The next book: Cloud Atlas. I don't remember who wrote it, but I think he's British. I just started it. It's pretty good up to page nine, I'll tell you that.

I'm also reading a book called Bee Season, by Myla Goldberg. It is interesting. Cerebral and weird, but captivating in its own mystical way. I'll let you know if I truly recommend it after I finish. I am currently half-way through, about. I saw in the Times that they are making a movie out of it, but just from the short write up and the cast, I can tell it really will have little to do with what the actual book is really about.

If you're intersted, besides books, I can suggest you check out the following bands that Monkey and I have recently seen: The Hold Steady and The Constantines. I would recommend with reservations a band called The Cops, if you like updated takes on what The Clash Meet The Police might sound like. I don't think their name is an accident!

Stay tuned for the dillio on AMC and Spoon! I know, you just can't wait.

"I like American music.
I like American music.
Do you like American music, baby?"
--The Violent Femmes

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Anonymous said...

So tame after all the fire and brimstone of the Eighth Day Heads In Asses post. Alas, perhaps every day can't be fire and brimstone day. Kind of like how every day can't be that special cafeteria food day (what is it - chicken nuggets Tuesdays or something like that?). It's quite existential, really - that for every fire and brimstone day there is a chill day in the life of day.

I hope you're having fun with the music and the reading!