Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Random Thoughts, Part the First

What would it be like to be shot from a cannon? I mean, you know, would it be cool to be projected through space at 200 m/sec? Would it just be like, "Eh"?

Who first thought that a crab was something one could eat?

Why, Kansas? Why?

Who's in charge? I mean, really. Is one person making all the decisions, or does stuff just happen? I know how it works in my world, but I'm thinking of the bigger picture here. You know, like in Terra Haute.

What if everything we think about our universe is just a little off? I think I'm sitting here, but really, I'm sitting just a little more to the left than I think.

Two guys on the Yankees make $38 million a year. In case you missed that, I repeat: $38 million a year. Hey, I got a $300. raise last year, and the district keeps making me feel guilty about it.

It is cold in Central Standard Land today! Low tonight: 18 F degrees. It's a three dog night in this one dog household.

I mean, Kansas, come on!

There are 25,000 genomes in human DNA. It only takes about 1500 or so to make a human. Why all the extra?

When we run out of oil, why can't we just use butter?

There are currently only about 500 mountain gorillas left in the wild. Get yours today!

I could live on bread and cheese. Not for long, but I could.

Full moons on cold nights are the best.

Cold moons on full nights are a distant second.

I want my missing socks back!

Monkey's home from KC! And she brought cheese cake. It's not bread and cheese, but it's sort of close and will have to do. Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

All I'm sayn is that I recently made the most delicious mac and cheese I've ever conjured up ever, and in so doing I substituted butter and milk for buttermilk (no buttermilk on hand) and that ihst was delish. Even though we all know that butter + milk does not = buttermilk. What is the deal with that?

I want dark brown boots.

Relatedly, I learned that the week after Thanksgiving = tax-free shopping in DC! I do not believe this is an urban myth.

Your thoughts about being a little off (not quite enough to the left), the 1500/25000 genomes, the who's in charge, the disparate pay rates, and even the socks issue: I chock it all up to Kansas and the Fundamentalist Christian Conservatives (not all of whom live in Kansas from what I understand - I hear Texas and, by extension. the gubment have too many). Apparently they breed and are trying to take over the world - literally - even with their not-quite-a-full-set-o genomes.

OK then randy mcfandylandy, I'm looking forward to parts the additional that I'm confident will follow given your provocative title of this post.

Until then!


Anonymous said...

Should one line here read, "Why, Kansas? Why" versus "Why Kansas? Why?" I mean I can see the merits of posing the question "Why Kansas?" but I do think you mean to say "Why, Kansas?" ILO (in light of--I'm making up new lingo on the internets!) recent events.

Anonymous said...

Postin some more whilst waitin to go out on the town this Thursday evening. My man is a fashionisto!

Yeah, you should have Megha spell check check check all yo posts! Why, Reda? Why?

How was the cheesecaak?


ATR said...

Yes, it was intended to ask the question "why" to Kansas, but after I read it I decided to leave it posing the question of Kansas' raison d'etre. It makes it more ambiguous. And it gives people the opportunity to comment on my grammar.