Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hippy Warlocks and French Witches

So,Friday night, after a long afternoon of Happy Hour hopping, Monkey and I joined My Favorite Berry and a host of her Harry-Potter-lovin' friends to the Hollywood 14 to see the lastest offering from Hogwarts, Inc. The theatre was packed with teenagers in academic robes. One old guy was dressed up like a sweet transvestite, but I think he was at the wrong movie. Dammit, Janet!

Anyway, Monkey and I paid our arm and leg for a huge bag of popcorn and a diet coke (the things I do for love...) and met up with the row of FOBs in theatre number 1. They had been there, saving the row, since six o'clock or something ridiculous. It was an 8:15 show.

The previews were many, and the commercials were more still. The movie: not bad. I must admit, I dozed through some of it. Not the movies fault, more the wine and beer's fault. I'd rather blame it on the cheese, but I know it ain't so. The kiddos in the flick are older (understandble and not unprecedented), and starting to look like little hippies. The coterie of young witches from France or wherever were strange in their children-of-the-corn-ness and bizarre finishing school mannerisms. And Ralph Fiennes without a nose is pretty freakin' scary.

Today was taken up nearly entirely by an online workshop for school. Monkey and I may make plans for tonight, but we can't seem to find any suitable time to talk about it. Tomorrow brings pie lessons for James and a visit with Ms. London Belle for Ripken.

Something is happening next week...on Thursday, I think...but I can't remember what it is.


Anonymous said...

Hey sleepyhead dozin through movies! Yeah I'm talkin to you, pops! You think that anyone not sportin a wool cardigan is a hippie. While I can certainly appreciamicate the virtues of a good wool cardi, you gots to recognize the positivitay in other peeps too.

The more I'm exposed to DC culture (power-hungry, status-driven mofos), the better the hippies look. I hear they taste good with DC and popcorn and the arms and legs sacrificed in the process. Don't even get me started on those dang cannibals.

This weekend was one of hedonism for me. I ate meat (and a whole lot of other food), watched parts of the Penn State game, and watched a flairtastic Italian "dance competition" on TV (since it was all in Italian I can only guess about the substance of the commentary). In fact, I heard more Italian this weekend than I've probably heard in my entire life. I've just got to learn a few choice phrases, like "I don't speak Italian"; "No thank you, I just ate"; "I don't understand"; "Where do you go to buy fabulous shoes?"; "Really, thank you but I've already eaten; and "I'm not from that village in Italy". Was I in Italy this weekend? Hell no! Weren't you paying attention about the football? The Italians would be watching only the other football, something called "soccer". Anyway, fashionisto P and I were up with his family in New Hope, PA. It was a lovely weekend, and we even managed to see a few hippies - although they were outnumbered by bikers.

Bikers versus hippies, what would that look like anyway?

Reda, I'm sure you've fallen asleep by now so WAKE UP micky ficky!

Have safe travels to Cali and happy Thanksgiving!


S-I-L said...

Hey B-I-L!
I'm getting caught up on your blog site. After 2 years of Dr.Seuss & picture books I think I have a headache & need reading glasses. Entertaining but I have a few comments:

1. Why is everybody anonymous except for Meg when commenting?

2. I think I need some kind of list for all the nicknamed pals you mention. Who are they?

3. James is a girl? Whasup wit dat?
Is she from the south & her daddy
wanted a boy?

4. Ms.London Belle is a dog? They musta paid an arm & a leg for dog with that name!

5. My final comment Jesus that's one UGLY couch! Somebody's laughing their ass off that somebody actually paid $60 bucks for it. And I can say that cause we gotta couch that makes your eyes cross in the basement.

Blurting out what I think
your sis-in-law

ATR said...


1)Anonymity is up to the poster. I have no control over it. 2)Yes, I change names to protect the innocent. 3)That's a "pseudonym." 4) The dog was free, but the name cost $600. 5) It's nicer looking than the burlap-covered dogstink we used to have!

Good to hear from you.


Anonymous said...


(Dude, how can a sister post an image up in this piece?)

Anonymous said...


Maybe a sista can't put a pic up in dis piece!