Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ice, Ear Flaps and Black Diamonds

It is cold in Central Standard today! Ten degrees this morning. Nineteen at the moment (6pm). Maybe some snow tomorrow, but not a lot in the forecast (maybe an inch or two). I've been fighting the crud that Monkey had lately. I refuse to acknowledge its presence, but sometimes I do feel a little run down.

Really, in a lot of ways, I love this time of year. The brisk cold and clear nights are bracing and the sky always seems to have more stars in it in the winter. Or maybe they just seem closer...I don't know. I love a good snow, and eventhough the weather is sometimes gray and the sky seems just above my head, the sunny days are bright and sharp. Of course, since it is only early December, real winter isn't even here yet. So, check back with me in about ten weeks!

This weekend, Monkey and I went on a quest for the Bass Pro Shop that recently opened here in C-town. We drove all around where we thought it was, to no avail. We called a freiend who we thought had been there, but he wasn't home. We tried the Robmeister and K-Dogg...and they knew where it was.

Following their directions, we arrived just as the sun was setting and the flurries were dancing around. (It was cold this past weekend, too.) Once inside, Monkey was a bit taken aback by the sheer size of the place. It was pretty big, but, compared to the Bass Pro HQ in Springfield, it was the minor leagues. I mean, where was the giant aquarium? Where were the giant stuffed bear and elk? All we had here were a few snow geese and mallards. Hardly impressive.

But still an interesting experience. Monkey bought a pair of RedHead slippers for $7. I got a warm hat with ear flaps--a great fashion statement, no doubt. I'd show you some pics, but the batteries in the camera are dead again. Good thing they are rechargeable.

Well, folks, the Monkey has arrived home, speaking words of wisdom: "It's freezing cold!" I will take my leave of you.

Before I go, just a head's up: tomorrow night brings one of Central Standards prodigal sons home, as the "Black Neil Diamond" performs at the Blue Note. I am serious, ladies and gentlemen. He's not an impersonator, but he does claim to sound "just like Neil Diamond." There has been much wringing of hands and scratching of heads as we folk decide whether it is worth the ten dollar ticket to go check out this novelty (freak?) of the entertainment world. If the monkey and I go, I'll give you a report. If we don't go and this dude shows up in your town, you go check him out and tell me about it.

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Anonymous said...

I *definitely* want a play-by-play on BND of you do decide to cough up the $10 for the show. I can't quite imagine ND in a hat.

Speaking of hat hat hat: Awww, cozy warm ears protected by snuggly ear flaps! That is sweet. I like it.

Wow, anti-climactic BPS there in C-town eh? Maybe if the staff demonstrated the goods by hunting the shoppers in the store, that would make things more lively and help customers relate on a more intimate level with their prey. Now that would be some blue-light special!

There is something serene and peaceful about the cold and withdrawn nature of life at this time of year, isn't there?

Today, I'm reeling with strange energy after having done a radio show. My entire staff was all super hype and supportive, cheering me on beforehand, listening to the show during, and cheering me and geering one of the other panelists afterwards. It was an interesting experience. I learned a lot and am glad I did it. It has been hard to refocus on my work since then though. Instead of doing blahblahblah paperwork, I'm practicing my sultry Barry White (female version) for future radio performances.

Hey baby. Come real close and whisper in my mic. That's right.

Or I could get all Smoove B on the joint. Perhaps I'll drop that isht anotha time.

Until then, peace out.