Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Arrivals, Severed Tendons

While this news is not hot off the presses, it is recent enough and large enough to be posted here. Late last week, Mrs. Arthur Bryant gave birth to an early Christmas present. Long, wrinkly, and healthy, Harrison David Sandstedt, was born on December 16. Last night, Monkey and I, along with Mr. and Mrs. Fishing Buddy, visited the Bryants, bringing steaks, salad, and some damn tasty chocolate dessert thingy.

Mr. Fishing Buddy appeared with his right hand in a bizzarre Freddy Krueger-type contraption, owing to the fact that he had severed a tendon on his hand while sharpening knives. Take this as a warning: sharp knives are dangerous (of course, dull knives are MORE dangerous, but anyway...). We had a great meal, some sparkling conversation, held the small sleeping infant (nerve-wracking, for me--support the head!) and watched a bit of the Ravens other-wordly effort against the Packers. (Boy, were my dad and I way wrong.)

Congrats to the Bryants, welcome to earth to Harrison, and let's hope Fishing Buddy's hand heals before the ice thaws.


Anonymous said...

Oy vey, Reda! All these clever and cool nicknames (trendynames) have me so confused! Who had the baby? Who is Mrs. Arthur Bryant? I recall Brock's wife was expecting (right? or am I misremembering like a year late?), yet the picture and the name of said baby suggest Sandstedt. Or was it someone entirely different?

For that matter, do you even know any of these people? Tiny crucifixes, oodles of trendynames, and Black Neil Diamonds - I don't know what is troof anymore! Is this a Fox News blog or what?

All I'm sayin is dude if you're gonna make birth announcements on the blog, you should attend to the relevant details so your devoted blogees can follow along. I think it's the blog equivalent of supporting the head if you're gonna choose to hold the baby.

Throwin it down for the sake of clarity,


ATR said...

Baby, it's not about truth, it's about perception. I'm in the entertainment business. You want facts? Read an encyclopedia. Oh, wait, they're all full of lies, too.

Kristina (Sandstedt) had the baby. Brock's wife had that other baby almost a year ago.

This blog wasn't really about a baby. It was about the dangers of sharpening knives without proper protection. Save the tendons! It's a worldwide problem that is sadly being ignored by the federal gubment. It's completely ewecpicw!

Anonymous said...

"It's not about truth; it's about perception." Didn't the fool W say something like that (but with a lot of made-up words that he actually thought were real words)? Be careful, Reda, it can be a dangerous slippery slope from being in the blog entertainment bidness to spying illegally on dozens of peaceful activist groups. In fact, the tendons-saving movement may be one of the few that *isn't* being closely scrutinized by so-called intelligence agencies here in the US. Until now. Speaking of which, I'll take this moment to give a hearty shout-out to any and all such monitors in the hizzy. Cmkbto!

And as far as anything on this blog is truly troof, thanks for the factually-oriented clarificay Reda.