Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Need to Die Faster?

After being sent this link by my boss today, I am wondering if his intention is to suggest that not enough of we teachers are doing our part to sustain the Earth. Should we die faster? Walk more? Feed our overweight people to our undernourished? Should we turn out the lights? Turn off the computers? Publish fewer newspapers? Stop making cars?

All of these things might be good things to do (except for the feeding of the overweight to the undernourished...even if it helps to lower the population). But, following a recent email from another administrator about how crappy a job of recycling we are doing, I am wondering: a) why don't they ever send me emails that might help me be a better teacher, and b) what do they do with themselves, all day?

And now, I am going to go finish getting ready for finals!


La Fashionista said...

I prefer the Occam's razor approach: namely, movement of the doomsday clock. Why get overstimulated with all those frenetic spinny numbers on the worldometer? Let's all back up and be a bit more meta about it. And then your administrators can stop getting distracted and get back to business.

Speaking of, when's your next status update on FB? ;)


ATR said...

The problem is, I don't know if the dude knows what business to get back to.

And, I don't think "doomsday" keeps a schedule. Why should it? If I were doomsday, my attitude would be: "Meh. I'll get there when I get there. What's the rush?"

La Fashionista said...

I think this has potential to become a projection. Yes. Definite doomsday projection potential.

Because if *I* were doomsday, I'd be all playful (some might say annoying) about it - one day it would be raining lizards and the next day Pat Robertson would be given media attention and another day it would be all clam and serene and happy (peeps for everyone!) and another day David Hasselhoff would appear in everyone's living rooms (ew), and so on and so on. I'd be a very energetic doomsday that you wouldn't want to eff with.