Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Most Frustrating Day

Monkey thinks she needs to get the dog out of the house. It's Sunday. I will be watching the Ravens. That means I will be screaming at the TV, most likely. They are playing the Patriots. That means I will be screaming at the TV more than usual, most likely. It is a Wild Card Playoff game. That means...well, you get the picture.

You might recall last year, I resolved (sort of) to not get so wrapped up in sports on TV. I am not doing that very well. But, as much frustration as it may cause me, as irritated as it seems to make me, as un-enjoyable as it might be for Monkey to be around me, it's actually kind of fun to get so wrapped up.

And now, it's game time.


Jami said...

Congratulations to your Ravens! Hope your blood pressure wasn't compromised.

La Fashionista said...

Really? It's kind of fun to get wrapped up? That's the part I miss the least. Sigh. I miss being able to enjoy watching sports with intensity and regularity, so enjoy that for me please!


Anonymous said...

DeEr TOnee:

DoGz geT 2 LeaF thE HoUze? PleZe ExPlaNe...

Yur FrEnd,


PS: WHEn R EwE CoMnG 2 VST? EyE mIZ eWe An WooD liK a ScATch.