Friday, January 08, 2010

A Hot Frozen Mess

So, it's ten below here, colder than yesterday, and the third day that our school district has canceled classes due to the most recent weather unpleasantness. For those keeping score, this is the second three day stretch this school year. For you mathematically challenged readers, that is six inclement weather days, which is one more than our calendar can absorb. As well, finals are supposed to begin next week.

This creates several problems, the most pressing of which is the finals issue. A decision is expected to be made by noon today concerning what the end of the semester schedule will be. Will we simply conduct next week as if this week never happened? Will we push back the end of the semester one full week? And, if we do that, will we still take MLK, Jr. Day off, or no? I am guessing no, but anyway.... I suppose that we will just go with what we have, spend three days next week cramming in a few things, and have exams on Thursday and Friday. After all, there are a host of other contingencies affected by a change in schedule that are even more boring than what I am already talking about, so moving the calendar seems like a CF waiting to happen.

The other big hairy deal is the extension of the school year. Will we add days at the end? Most likely. But, we could also extend a few school days, or add in a Saturday class meeting or two. It really doesn't matter what they do, honestly. It's kind of stupid, really. It's just a legal issue: students have to be in class for so many days/hours per school year. Hell, let's add one minute to each class, and, in half a school year, we'll have made up for that extra day. Does that mean students have received one extra day of instruction? Of course not. Does that really matter? Well, no, not really. Okay, maybe I am being a little bit cynical, here. Maybe. A little bit.

Whatever the district does to resolve our issues, everything is kind of hosed. Sure, we'll get done what needs to get done. We'll have our finals. Our kids will get their grades. It will all work out. But boy is this causing some serious stress around here.

And, we still have at least eight more weeks of potentially bad weather to make it through. Wow!


Laura said...

Ye gods. I guess at least you can enjoy some unexpected additional home time! Rippy must be elated!

An unrelated note. I caught myself this morning folding over the corner of the cereal bag into a tidy triangle... no clips yet... though most assuredly a bow to the greatest cereal storer of all times...

monkey said...

YAY for storing cereal :) So unhappy when it goes bad...triangle-strategem with a clippy is the way to go!

La Fashionista said...

That is a nice title to today's post. Is it also the reason you finally caved and joined FB? Or was it that you'd listened to my VM for like the 83rd time and missed me so much that you decided to join FB? Or maybe you just wanted to play Mafia Wars. Seriously, though, I would love to hear how you reached the decision to join.

Anyway. What decision was reached by noon today? I hear your skepticism and raise you a cranky. Please keep us updated on the latest CFedness.


La Fashionista said...

OK, I just have to comment one more time because the captcha word is....


[A unicorn with a naturally-curly horn?]