Sunday, January 17, 2010

Only Eight More Weeks to Go!

Winter is really wearing on me, right now. After a three week period in December/January that dumped a couple of feet of snow and some bone-chilling temps, things have been dry (but gray), and warmer (like 35). So, that leaves us with slushy roads, monstrous potholes, and massive piles of dirty snow. It's not pretty, anymore.

I know that winter happens every year, and that each time I welcome the season. I like a little winter in my year. This one is just grinding me down a bit more than some others have. It's not just the cold--I've done the cold before, and I think I held it together. It's not just the snow--I've done that, too, with no obvious effect on my psyche. The combination of it all, this time around, just seems to be getting to me.

Is it that I am getting grumpier in my middle age? Is it that other world wide events are influencing my state of mind? Sure, but, each day, when I look out the window, I want to see change. All I see is dirty ice.


La Fashionista said...

No doubt I've told you sometime about my first year in my doctoral program when it snowed 27" on 11/14 and I didn't see the grass again until mid-April? Not to mention that the skies were almost constantly overcast. Not only was I not used to the typical State College winter, but it also happened to be a particularly bad one. It was tough, and I empathize. For subsequent winters there I watched TWC every morning from 12/21 on and kept a mental note of the increasing minutes of daylight. That helped a bit.

Hang in there, Reda! Soon enough (OK, not soon enough but soon) you'll be pedaling away on your bike and seeing dandelions popping up everywhere. Also, soon there will be peeps.

If, however, it gets to be too much for you, you're always a welcome guest here!



Boring Election said...

Did you ever regret the timing of your de-bearding given that the temps turned arctic in there...and it would have provided a extra layer of warmth against the brutal cold? Just I was always a smidge surprised @ your timing.

ATR said...

Yeah, that was poor timing, wasn't it? I think I just started too early and got a bit bored with it this year. Maybe a summer beard will make an appearance this year. Don't tell "you know who."

Boring Election said...

Don't worry...I won't tell Coach B. I know he'd just get jealous.