Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Central Standard Guide to What's In for 2009

As a highly sought after arbiter of taste, it is my duty to keep my readership aware of the most trendy things for the new year. After all, who wants to be seen wearing last year's beard, or an outdated button-down Oxford? Who wants to visit the greasy spoon that is so declasse (I have no idea what that means)? Or listen to unpopular music from the 90s...omg!

So, I will spend the month of December irregularly updating you on what is in for the coming new year, and what is out from the old year. Let us begin.

IN: Spain

Monkey and I are in love with Tempranillo, a hot Spanish wine. Had we any money in reserve, we would be off to Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, in a heart beat, truly living the Hemingway-esque expatriate life. Alas, it is not to be. Last year's boffo trip to Italy put us out of the running for any but domestic travel (and that, mostly by auto) for the foreseeable future. But, until we are uncorking some fine Spanish wine on the shores of the Mediterranean, this is the place to WANT to be.

OUT: Italy

Mi dispiace, Italia. However, that was sooo last year.

IN: 40

It's the new 20! How many MIPs can I rack up before I turn 41?

OUT: 30s, 20s, teens, tweens, toddlers, infants, newborns

As Tony's boss tells him in Saturday Night Fever: "You don't fuck the future. The future fucks you."

Stay tuned for more....

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La Fashionista said...

I am so glad you're offering this hip standard for us.

I would love love love to go to Spain (and can't enjoy the wine right now, so please have some for me so I can live vicariously). Of course, I would also love to go back to Italia. It's all lovely to me - and not on the horizon any time soon. I'm more down with NYC and the inauguration at the moment!

I'm totally down with the midlife thing. Though I'm not quite sure what meaning of MIPs you're using: maximum intensity projection (good for $3); most improved player; minor in possession; minimum ionizing particle; or even something else. I'd love to hear more.

Let me tell you what I think is out, at least for me, in 2009: email. Seriously, for the past weeks I've been considering doing away with almost all personal email correspondence starting in 2009. It may be the only way I can attempt manage my inbox without feeling like a slave to the deluge of email I get both personally and at work. It feels both radical and totally freeing. We'll see.