Monday, December 15, 2008

Update Three: The Dude Abides

Last weekend's visit by the Boys of Atlanta (I was gonna call them the Baha Men, but they're from Miami) led us to the fabulous Parkway Lanes for some rolling, some oat soda, and (we thought) some burgers. Alas, the grill closed early, so we had to settle for some last minute pizza (they sure do roll up the streets early here in PoP (it was only 10pm, and the pizza joint was a-closin'!)).

Beside the unbegotten burgers, the night was a joy. Bowling is that past time that is a great deal of fun when you do it. And you say, "Hey, that was fun. We should do that more often." And then six years go by.

But, we had a good time, and Monkey snapped some pics. Time for a beard update. A sideways view, this time.

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La Fashionista said...

Dude, you're postn faster than I can comment! I see there's at least one more for me to get to. = stressful for The Aim.

Oat soda: describe.

I usually say that after a good massage. "Why don't I do that more often?" And then years pass.

Nice beard. You look in some ways elvish (not to be confused with Elvisish, since that's more your mutton-chop look) and in some ways Jewishish.